Written by Odirachinma Ezeobi  For (TBP)
22 August 2017
Expectant Nigerian well wishers were on Monday the 21st of August thrown off balance as to what to think or believe about the Nigerian situation and the hope of her getting back to anything near normal as the president exposed what actually is bothering him and what he believes needs attention to the detriment of the real problems. Buhari who has been away to British hospital for some months was reported to have entered the country last weekend though on complicating grounds.

 He gave a speech that lasted for not more than five minutes after being aware for months and Nigerians felt the hopelessness of the country when it became crystal clear that all his aim is to quench biafra agitation and nothing more.

 In his speech, he insisted that Nigeria togetherness remains non-negotiable no matter who feels marginalized or uncomfortable in the union. He made it clear that Nigerians have no opinion on their future and that the right to self determination is meant for his PALISTINIANS  Muslim brothers and never for Christian biafrans.

 Nigerians were busy expecting promises from buhari on his plans to quench the daily dwindling Nigerian economic situation. Most Nigerians were eagerly waiting to hear of new plans on how to quench the bloody bokoharam Muslim brotherhood who had continued  to  wreck havoc in Nigeria. Nigerians were ear-itching to hear of his plans to quench and curtail his Fulani brothers who had gone on rampage destroying lives and properties of the Biafran people.
Gullible Nigerians were expecting him to take power over from cabals and at least appreciate his puppet deputy that who had maintained his faulty ground since  he went on tourism in London. All the corruption fighting noise he claimed to implement, the good roads, second Nigeria bridge, free education, health facilities and many more were the expectation of Nigerians as they tuned their radio to hear from their robot-like president.

But he was back to make sure he stop biafra from enforcing their right to self determination. he came back to promise Nigeria more of Biafran blood, he came back to control the judicial process of the so called federal government of Nigeria. He came back to pour more hate speeches against biafrans and rekindle the killing spirit of his brothers, the Fulani bokoharam cattle and gun herders. Buhari came back to enforce and complete the mission of their founding father Othman dan fodio.

Buhari in his biafra phobic nature went as far as ditching out a very terrible lie against the late Biafran warlord, dim chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu, claiming that he hosted the late ojukwu in his mud house in daura for two days in 2003, where they reached an agreement that Nigeria unity is non negotiable.

The Biafran chronic hater buhari in his hatred crowded mind forgot so soon that on the floor of united nation, he personally quoted the self determination right of indigenous people as enshrined in the united Nations  charter article 3 and 4. How then is he turning back to declare that Biafran cannot enjoy same right just as any other indigenous people.
 He must know that any unity that is based on force implies a slave/master relationship. Nigeria unity is negotiable because we are humans not animals in your kingdom.

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