By Ifeanyi Chijioke -TBP
July 22, 2017

Their so-called spiritual leaders; if they don’t kill them, they will never leave them because they have taken advantage of religion to enslave souls and make them dear, they sometimes play the future and manipulate the people simply because Africa has lost reason to religion and embraced weakness.

“In prophesy; we don’t use the word ‘MAY’ that is a sign of uncertainty and carnality” a religious leader explained to me when I sought after his opinion over the supposed prophesy from Primate Ayadole.
The Primate was quoted to have prophesied that Nnamdi Kanu will not lead Biafra to the promise land and may die as a result of his bravery and outspoken nature. The prophet further said that if Nnamdi Kanu censors his utterances, things may go well for him.

“The prophet is reacting to the no election declared by Nnamdi Kanu; he feels it's too much and his political connection is on the line” Prophet Mike further claimed.
Nnamdi Kanu has not said any evil or committed an oral sacrilege; one begins to wonder what moved God to speak through Primate Ayadole. This puts questions on the table; whose interest is the prophet protecting? When a true prophesy comes; it is for an interest and by its fruits we shall know its authenticity.

“We prophets have disappointed God; taking advantage of our position to pursue selfish and ungodly interest” he spitefully said, pleadingly looking into the scanty sky.
Has Primate Ayadole become an agent? Looking deep into this case; the primate is entirely reacting to what Nnamdi Kanu said and what has Nnamdi Kanu said, who has it affected and so on? It is very clear that Nnamdi Kanu has said quite a lot of things and politicians are always at the receiving end.

Primate Ayadole has become an agent fighting the interest of politicians instead of interest of God; if Nnamdi Kanu’s utterances is the subject matter of the so-called prophesy, then Primate Ayadole has questions to answer because he is a religious agent of politicians.

Quickly back forward to 2015; you find prophet Ayadole speaking positive of this same Biafra and her leader, fast forward it to this present time, you see prophet Ayadole’s inconsistency. How these chameleons change still amazes me. They have failed to talk about God who is unchangeable and whose words never change, with such level of inconsistency, whose fruit has the seed blossomed?
To stop Nnamdi Kanu became a priority for Nigerian government and her politicians have gone into work, lobbying and bribing, preaching and convincing; Nnamdi Kanu must be stopped before he propels God’s will upon Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu has overcome financial temptations and the glory of Nigeria that was promised him, if only he stopped his agitation. Political leaders have failed to convince him and he seems to be a man with his people and now there is a religious strategy to use and stop him.

Primate Ayadole will come with threats of death and to instill cowardice into Nnamdi Kanu to bring him into conformity with the original purpose of politicians. The agent prophet has set his sail but the storm of God will tear it apart to drown in the sea.

“They would come in different ways now Nnamdi Kanu has touched their lives; to deny politicians election is to take away their breath” Mike said.

Primate Ayodele seems to be one of the strategies put forward to stop Nnamdi Kanu because of the religious inclination of the people. By saying that Nnamdi Kanu will not accomplish his journey already accomplished, his popularity wanes and the status quo of enslavement will be restored.
Primate Ayodele may have failed before his test.

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