July 21, 2017

Uncivilised Nigerian military personnel; maiming, killing and molesting Biafrans in Biafra land
Anguish, frustration, humiliation and even death have become a routine in the lives of the people of Biafra in the contraption, Nigeria. The clamor for the restoration of Biafra has heightened the extrajudicial death and violence against innocent and peaceful Biafrans. International human rights watchdog, Amnesty International indicted the Nigeria security forces over the extrajudicial death and violence against hundreds of Biafrans, even; the Anambra State government was asked to constitute a panel for the investigation of the crime against humanity.

Without doubt, the declaration of the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to boycott every Nigeria organized election in Biafra Land beginning with the Anambra state election, has roughened the cartel of self-centered politicians and elites. The decision was taken by IPOB as a form of civil disobedience to solicit for a referendum for the people of Biafra exercising the right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The Nigeria government in its uncivilized nature has taken the declaration by the people of Biafra to boycott elections until a date for a referendum is given, as an affront and a call for war. Self-determination has become a treasonable offence in Nigeria even as a signatory to the UN charter.

As the checkpoints and roadblocks mounted by the Nigeria security forces continues to increase in most towns and cities in Biafra Land; inside sources have confirmed to Biafra Reporters that Abia, Anambra and Rivers states, have been marked as “code red” by the Nigeria military authorities. The sources also informed our reporter, to divert attention; military personnel on the mission to stifle the activities of IPOB will be disguised as mobile policemen and are mostly of Hausa/Fulani Muslim stock. The mission against the Indigenous People of Biafra is a joint military operation, including the State Security Service (SSS) and the Nigeria Police Force.

As the November poll in Anambra state draws closer and the planned boycott of the poll by the people of Biafra gains momentum, the barbaric activities of the Nigeria security forces is on the increase as residential areas are not left out in the invasion. Towns like Nkpor, Obosi, 3.3 G.R.A, Awkuzu, Nsugbe, Ogidi , Oba, Nnewi and host of others are under intense clampdown by the Nigeria security forces, causing frustration amongst the residents. The clampdown causes slow movement of vehicular activities, commercial drivers are forced to give bribe, and motorcycle operators are forced to push their vehicle across the checkpoint and pedestrian scrutinized.

The Nigeria security forces have left the severe cases of Boko Haram Islamic terrorists and the Fulani herdsmen causing death and destruction in Nigeria, and have released their arsenal against peaceful Biafrans seeking the right to self-determination. Biafrans are advised to continue to be civil and become more conscious of their environment, the journey to freedom is a herculean task but we are almost at our destination.

Edited by Chima Onyekachi
Published by Chinwe Korie
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