By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 17, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader
{Nnamdi Kanu might never give any command whatsoever because he presently doesn’t believe in violent agitation, either way, he cannot fight against armed agitators that move contrary to his belief hence they are solely fighting to restore Biafra or defend Biafra from threats of death-war.}

Nigerian Government has said that Nnamdi Kanu’s demand for referendum is a call for war; at the back of that, a Nigerian professor urged him to fight and defeat Nigerian military to achieve his ultimate goal. What one cannot deny is the fact that there are signs of war; Arewa quit notice, Nigeria’s understanding of referendum as war summed up the signs but are Biafrans waiting for a command?

They said that the best form of defense is attack; the people of Biafra are being threatened with war and quit notice in the so-called country they are presumably part of. The Hausa/Fulani is known for carrying out any threat they issued and this will not be exception.

“They will eventually come after us because Nnamdi Kanu is civilly beating them and they would love to fight back in their language which is violence and war” Igbo Ebere In his well decorated barbing saloon said; he raised his clipper and paused barbing his customer for a moment and retorted “They will fight eventually”
The leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra can beat her chest that they have finally brought Nigeria to her knees; whilst the people of Biafra control social media, they flaunt, disregard and see Nigerians as unreasonable fools. Frustration is setting in like a sunset; Arewa have shown that when they called for branding IPOB a terrorist group.

“Britain your creator has conducted two referendums and you are here jumping like monkey or baboon simply because we demanded referendum. Referendum is now war to a monkey and we wonder when you people will learn from your creator. Your creator wants death and crisis for you by strongly backing you not to heed to referendum” a Biafran Facebook user Austin Biafra would often ridicule Nigerians.

Few days ago; the trending news on the social media platform is the zoological state of Nigeria where even the Wife of the President admitted that Nigerians are animals. The pride the wife of the President took home was that his husband is a lion in this animal kingdom- Nigeria, when he comes back from the hospital in the world of human beings; the hyenas and Jackals will take to their heels.

“These people have pushed us to the wall; they are making us look like parasites and have really made Nigeria hard to us Nigerians” one Muhammadu Sadik said when I sort his view on how he feels over the agitation by Nnamdi Kanu.

“The Nigerian populace is weary of this agitation; IPOB has ensured that a Nigerian does not gain common respect anywhere he is. They are either called baboons or monkeys; and I was lately told that a Nigerian getting visa is now as hard as pulling a nail out of the wood with bare hand” My Ghananian friend said.

To the Nigerian politicians; the agitation has often forced them to the will of the people and threatened their political business. The fight for Biafra will ultimately give the people control over their future and place politicians to their rightful position. “Nnamdi Kanu is not ready for war; from the way I see things, civil disobedience and direct confrontation will be sustained” Ebuka noted.

Other Biafrans have different views over the options on the table; they believe that whatsoever Nigeria comes with should be given back to them in ten folds. They have often shown dissatisfaction with the position of IPOB leadership that believes civil approach remains the option.
“My anger is that Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t want to give command; he should give command and let me face Nigeria. If we are dying, let us die once and for all, if we are living, let us live once for all” Igbo Ebere fumed.

Since the agitation took precedence; Nigerians have watched their counterpart gain upper hand, forcing changes and scaling through every hurdle. They have not taken counter action except the call by Arewa and other concerned Nigerians. They might have succumbed to superior reason but anyone yet to accept defeat is going to the extreme.

Nnamdi Kanu might never give any command whatsoever because he presently doesn’t believe in violent agitation, either way, he cannot fight against armed agitators that moves contrary to his belief hence they are solely fighting to restore Biafra.

War option is not on the table of Indigenous people of Biafra but with the numerous threats coming from Nigerians and their elites, it appears almost like war option may be forced on the people of Biafra unless UN or EU activate referendum. War option should not entirely leave the mind of Biafra.

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