By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 17, 2017

South East and 'South South' Governors unification meeting at Enugu Nike hotel
It took over 40 years for the divided Eastern Nigeria to come to realization that their common enemy divided them to rule over their destinies. Last week at Nike Lake Hotel; the Nigerian shackles of divide and rule strategy was officially broken, when Southsouth and Southeast Governors conveyed a unity meeting and pronounced they are one people with one culture, ideology and religion.

“This meeting is not only an epochal reunion but home coming for all of us ‎including Edo and Delta states which were in former Mid Western region” the Governor of Enugu State was quoted to have said. This confessional statement alone was enough to sound a clear warning to Nigeria that it is now “To your tent O Israel”. Igbanke in Edo state was not left behind, a complete Biafra indeed!
We the people of Southern Nigeria would rather take all the glory to God for making it possible- our political leaders to have realized that we were long scattered and last week in Enugu was a home coming. Even though they have not come back home to build, the prodigal son deserves that feast.

The Federal government must know that the end has come for all the fraudulent moves made to bring Nigeria together, Nigeria was not founded on truth, and truth is crumbling the pillars of Nigeria one after another. The divide and rule strategy which has played a vital role in keeping Biafrans irrelevant has come to an end.

The significance of that home coming is one that won’t fade easily; whilst 19 Northern states meet and fashion a way for their zone, over the years, five from Southeast and five from Southsouth ensured Southern Nigeria matched not their counterparts and remained irrelevant.

What is southsouth? When Gowon, the blood thirsty leader that spearheaded the war of genocide against the people of Biafra ended his assault, he was surprised at how the people he came to extinguish stood him and then thought of dividing them to enable him conquer and keep them weak. The creation of more states and region was simply the weakness of the old Eastern region economically, politically and indigenously.

Southsouth has no geographical bearing and cannot be located anywhere; however, it is an impossible thing to become a region but due to the determination of Nigeria to destroy that young nation, they imposed non-existing region on her. Acceptance of the meaningless Southsouth was simply to increase the chances of selfish political leaders at the detriment of the people.
Gowon had earlier said that he created Southsouth to keep Nigeria one; like Lugard created Nigeria to keep it one and it is high time we became ashamed of ourselves; a daft Northern military leader to have played on our psyche is worrisome. We took the offer because politics is not about leadership but a business; now Nnamdi Kanu has restored the power of the people, politicians came back to the status quo- fighting for the interest of the people through unity.

One thing is clear; the defenses erected by Gowon and his accomplice to enslave the people of Biafra and keep Nigeria one are falling. They cannot stand the test of time and there was no how an artificial creation would stand the heavy blow of season. This is the end of the road as we must accept the fact that Nigeria is due for disintegration.
This epochal meeting could not have been possible on this planet had Nnamdi Kanu not believed in himself, bravery fought to bring the lost tribes of Biafra together. It is also imperative that we appreciate the sacrifices of that much maligned hero and give him the chance to do more with Biafra restoration.

As the unity meeting was held; it further proves the spiritual victory of Nnamdi Kanu that is waiting for manifestation. The people have come together and their politicians have also come together. No matter the purpose of which the meeting was held; the great significance the people must take home is the final unification of the people, politically, indigenously and otherwise.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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