By Odirachinma Ezeobi - TPB
July 3, 2017

IPOB Supreme leader; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Eze Nri Kingdom
Apga no doubt was founded by some Igbo elites on the basis of saving Igbos from the perceived marginalization and injustice meted out by the Nigerian system and the power may be. Apga as a political party was alleged to have been formed by Igbo leaders as a political means of tackling the challenges posed by bad governance at the federal level.

All were in high spirit at the emergence of Apga as most Igbo speaking Biafrans believed that at last the "saviour" has come. But the dream of a better and fair treatment to all didn't as a matter of facts see the light of the day for some reasons:

1. The structural design of Nigeria gave no chance for the party to salvage her people using political means

2. To avoid questions being raised by the politicians from the East, most of them were given appointments and allocated powers in their domain though in trust to the northern overlords thereby making our supposedly saviour "stooges of the federal government", so the redemption mission failed at arrival though many never knew.

3. The controller and cabals in Apga seeing that they cannot use political means to save Igbos didn't waste time in accepting political offers from the Abuja masters to keep their mouths shut forever.

The confidence of the people reposed in Apga as the redeemer-in-motion of the land was thrown into trash bin without a second thought by the acclaimed Apga leaders and made sure they allow no individuals or group oppose them from the East by the help of the masters from Abuja.

Apga the political platform that was supposed to fight for the people ironically turned against same people because they have been contaminated by the corrupt system of Nigerian state. The slogan that carries the passion for brotherhood was turned significantly from "be your brothers keeper" to "be your brothers killer"

Hopelessness wade in especially on the part of the youths who seeing the leaders whom they gave their mandate to fight for their future turning to be the people fighting against their future, resigned to fate and political campaign periods, the people became weak that they lost faith even in family heads, everything was tagged politics of blood.

Apga caused a serious damage on the psyche of the common Igbo man that virtually everyone believes that we are born to suffer from the hands of our very own.

This was the hopeless situation the Igbos found themselves in until the young revolutionary leader came up as a voice of the million voiceless Igbos and Biafrans at large.

Firstly the cabals and political jobbers in Ala-Igbo ignored him saying he is a small boy that doesn't know his right from his left.
When they felt the young chap was serious with his mission, they teamed up with the enemies to apply the "Uwazuruike herb" inorder to get him join their fold and seize agitating for the freedom of the million Biafran youths whom they have abandoned, but they failed in their bid to convert a new soul into their fold.

In their bid to stop Nnamdi KANU and Ipob they used security operatives to maim and considerably decimate the numbers of their own people whom they were meant to protect..

The Ezu River saga
The Augusts 30th massacre
The Eke Nkpor massacre
The Onitsha massacre
The Aba high school masacre and the rest of them was orchestrated and supervised by these shameless Igbo "leaders"

Even as these evil were going on, their ship kept capsizing by day through the Coordinated efforts of Nnamdi Kanu and Ipob. In their desperation to stop the movement that will eventually see to their downfall and judgement they came up as a last attack to warn Nnamdi Kanu to steer clear of the affairs of the Igbo people, making it clear that Ala-Igbo is their empire not that of Biafrans.

As shameless as they are, they forgot to appreciate the fact that power belongs to the people and where power dwells there authority resides.

Following the recent activities of Ipob which has eventually exposed and crumbled the erroneous system in Nigeria political world and has raised questions that seeks answers from all parts of the world, Apga therefore should just like other political outfits accept their fate as the movement for Biafra is not just about Ala-Igbo's but the redemption of mankind throughout Africa and the whole of the black race from modern slavery in all forms.

Apga should kindly resign to fate and wait for the punishment of nature as they did not only fail to protect the interest of their subjects but soiled their filthy hands in the blood of the same people they were supposed to protect just for a morsel of yam.

For Apga to come out to challenge the leadership of Ipob leaves much to desire.
It is blatantly a show of no remorse or regret of their despicable atrocities against their very own.

As the opportunity to redeem Igboland was turned to an opportunity to further destroy and desecrate Igbo land by Apga and their likes, we do not need your opinions on how to better or further our struggle rather it will do us all good if you come out to account for your stewardship towards the betterment of our land.

It is high time all the political jobbers in Igbo land understand that we the people are the power. That authority remains with the people. For power belongs to the people and authority resides where power dwells.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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