BIAFRA: Why Southeast Sat At Home Yesterday (30th May 2017) - Scott Berry; An American Politician vying for Mayor of New York

June 1, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; the Supreme Leader of Biafra
Today, I salute the Biafrans of New York City who join their compatriots throughout the USA and around the world, as well as their fellow Biafran citizens at home. Today, Biafra celebrates May 30, 1967: the day Biafra declared her freedom from the British puppet government of Nigeria. [i]
Unlike America, who, each July 4th, celebrates the success of their fight for Independence from British tyranny, the Biafrans, today, celebrate their 50 year old, unfulfilled Declaration of Independence from British tyranny by not working.

They celebrate by sitting in their homes. Why are the people of Biafra, in the year 2017, sitting in their homes? Because since America's Revolutionary War, British Tyranny and thirst for financial theft has not ceased. The Biafrans sit at home for fear that VENTURING INTO THEIR OWN STREETS for any peaceful protest in Biafraland would mean a most likely death as, this very day, they would be massacred by the British backed Nigerian Thug Army.
They sit in fear, knowing that the British continue to supply military weaponry with which to torment, terrorize, intimidate and slaughter the Christian Biafrans who might dare to walk in peaceful protest.

Why would the supposed “Christian” based, if not Christian enforced, government of Great Britain back the continued slaughter and genocide of their fellow Christian brethren? Because Great Britain is rightly concerned that their thirst for the rape and theft of Biafra’s oil not be quenched. British oppression and tyranny continues unabated since before 1776, as today, May 30, 2017, their willingly blind leaders sip tea and accept an incredulous end to their own freedoms of speech. They display an astounding complacency to honoring creeping sharia and to be increasingly subjugated to the concepts of Islamic theocratic superiority.

Thus, the British camaraderie with the Nigerian Muslims provides an easy justification of the demise of their own western values as well as the justification of the relentless rape and financial ruin of their infidel Biafran brothers and sisters.
Today, as the world evolves to tearlessly accept London Muslim Mayor Khan's admonition that death, destruction, suicide bombers, and terror must, from here on out, be accepted as “part and parcel,” [ii] as the normal way of life in the world’s large cities, the Biafrans sit in their homes, confirming that the Mayor’s words are true, even in their small villages.

Today, May 30, 2017 the Biafrans celebrate. Today, they rejoice in hope and prayer. Today, they commemorate the sacrifices and suffering and genocide of 5,000,000 comrades at the hands of the British/Nigerian coalition. Today, they remember their brave leaders who so tremendously inspired them. Today, they remember the world watching on TV as the British/Nigerian Coalition purposely starved to death over 3,500,000 Biafran men, women and children. Today, they remember the words of British Prime Minister Henry Wilson who said that, in order to continue stealing Biafran oil, “[I] would accept a half million dead Biafrans if that was what it took.”

[iii] Today, in Celebration of their Declaration of Independence, the Biafrans in Biafraland, sit, celebrating in their homes in fear of Britain, in fear of the Muslims, in fear that a modern world does not speak for them, the world refuses to rescue them, and the world seemingly does not give a damn for them.

They sit in protest, knowing and fearing the truth of Mayor Khan’s words, that any day, any moment, Islamic bullets may fly as “part and parcel” of their lives. It reminds me of New York City and our own downward spiral.

The spiral of Islamic law and obligations being promoted and supported in our NYC society and public schools, while Christianity remains the ridicule of the media and the forbidden expression in schools. The spiral of fear of venturing outside or walking in our own streets in NYC and cursing Mohammed like we are free to curse Jesus.

The spiral of fear causing NYC artists to tremble at the thought of drawing a cartoon of Jesus and of Mohammed, knowing that the latter might cause offense to violent perverts and savages who are increasingly free to live and roam throughout the world as part and parcel of our lives. The spiral of acceptance that our own government’s Muslim moles in the FBI would try to kill you for offending Islam as they did Pamela Geller.

Today, my dear NYC Biafran friends, my Biafran friends across America, my Biafran friends across the world, and especially my British/Nigerian victimized and terrorized Biafran friends sitting in your homes in Biafraland, I celebrate with you. I mourn with you. And as I would do for my many other immigrant friends in NYC who continue to endure such similar persecutions in their own homelands, I am willing to speak out and cry out for you.

May God bless you. And may God grant you a blessed, safe, and happy BIAFRA DAY. And may God grant that, one day, the world will give a damn about you.

Your friend,
Scott Berry

Published by Chinwe Korie


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