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The sit-at-home commemoration of the May 30TH 2017 Biafra Heroes Day has obviously jolted the blood-soaked foundation of the British contraption named Nigeria. The Coalition of Northern Youths also known as the Arewa Youths has premised the remarkable civil disobedience exhibited by the Indigenous People of Biafra as the reason for the Kaduna Declaration that threatens the forceful eviction of Biafrans in the northern region after a three-month deadlines that expires on 0ctober 1st 2017. The Northern Elders have obviously not forgiven the people of Biafra for defeating the free grazing bill for Fulani herdsmen in the south of Nigeria and have supported the eviction notice.

The Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have galvanized Biafrans from all over the globe and we have decided to exercise the right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. IPOB has steadfastly followed a peaceful and diplomatic approach towards the quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra but are being violently targeted by the Nigeria government. Even, Amnesty International has indicted the Nigeria security forces for extra judicial killings and violent against hundreds of innocent Biafrans seeking the right to self-determination.

The Nigeria government has continuously ignored the appeal from the international human right watchdog for an independent inquiry over the extra judicial killings and violence against Biafrans. Since the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70, the people of Biafra have strenuously integrated into other parts of Nigeria for the betterment of the country but have received hatred and marginalization in return. The issues that forced the secession by our grandparents and parents and led to the extermination of Biafrans by the Nigeria government backed by Britain have never been addressed but rather have been heightened with impunity. The fundamental rights of Biafrans are no longer recognized or respected in Nigeria, as frustration is the usual dose for those seeking admission, employment or having a business in the country. Biafrans are the easy prey for slaughter by the Muslim fundamentalists, Fulani herdsmen and BokoHaram Islamic terror group while the Nigeria government looks on.

I am aware that the United Nations has indicated interest over the happenings in Nigeria and sent a fact finding team into the country. I urge them not to be deceived by religious and political leaders whose personal ambitions becloud their sense of reasoning. There is a looming crisis in Nigeria and the clock is ticking if a sensible approach is not taken soon. The recent call by the UN resident coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, urging for tolerance and a spirit of togetherness in the country is no longer achievable as the forced union has become intolerable as belief and ideology of the people of Biafra is constantly threatened.

Re-invigorating the National Peace Committee as suggested by the UN rep must be for the purpose of a peaceful and transparent disintegration and not for sermons on the unity that is never attainable in Nigeria for over a hundred year since the amalgamation of 1914.  The UN must know there is no iota of patriotism towards Nigeria by its so-called citizens anymore as every Indigenous nation that makes up the country are not interested in the fake union. The UN is mandated to address the issue of self-determination and must not ignore the voices from the people of Biafra to become independent. It is mandatory that the UN begins to make arrangement for a referendum which is the best solution to avoid another catastrophe in Africa.

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