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Without doubt, the 30TH May 2017 sit-at-home in commemoration of the Biafra Heroes Day has shown the formidability of the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. The unity and total compliance shown on that day by the people of Biafra has jolted every opposition to the restoration of Biafra and they have geared into nefarious plans which are to begin with the imposition of state of emergency and martial law in Biafra land.

I have always wondered why most of the Hausa/Fulani who are opportune to have a formal education and supposedly know how to write and comprehend what is written will be reasoning alike with those of them moving around with herds of cattle whose thoughts are towards violent and the shedding of blood. The piece titled “To resolve the Biafra problem, Nigeria needs strategy, a big stick and carrots, by Fulan Nasrullah” is a revelation of the parasitic traits of the Hausa/Fulani in the forced union orchestrated by the British to form Nigeria.

The writer who claimed to be a Conflict Analyst and a National Security Strategist/Policy Adviser, does not see the Fulani herdsmen and BokoHaram Islamic terrorists as threats to peace and stability in Nigeria but he is fingering the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, that has been peaceful and diplomatic towards exercising the right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Fulan Nasrullah purposely ignored the fact that the Nigeria security forces have been indicted for extra judicial murder and violence against members of IPOB and instead revealed his nomadic-thinking by proposing the imposition of state of emergency and martial law in four out of the five southeast states, namely Abia, Anambra, Enugu and Imo, plus Rivers State in the so-called Niger-Delta as a means to diminish IPOB and the clamor for the restoration of Biafra.

The writer is obviously still wallowing in deception over the 1966 coup led by Kaduna Nzeogwu which was wrongly tagged an ‘Igbo Coup’ by British media, forgetting that officers from other ethnic group including Hausa/Fulani were actively involved in carrying out the coup with the sole motive of installing Obafemi Awolowo (a Yoruba man) as the head of state. The same coup was thwarted by an Igbo military officer in the person of Aguiyi Ironsi and a revenge mission by the northerners led to a pogrom against the Igbo people. The fact is available to show that late Odumegwu Ojuwku consulted the then Eastern Assembly which comprises of Efiks, Ibibios, Annang, Ikwerre, Ijaw etc, before the secession and declaration of the Republic of Biafra. In fact, an Ijaw man in the person of Frank Opigo reminded Ojukwu of the name Biafra and also Philip Effiong from Ibibio was the Vice President. It is an appalling and detestable lie that the riverine kith and kin of the Igbos were forced into Biafra, neither were lands forcefully occupied by the Igbos as peddled by the likes of Nasrullah.

The issue of Igbo supremacy as described by the writer is borne out of envy and jealousy as it is well known that Biafrans are intelligent and enterprising in nature. The republican nature of Biafrans has always pitted them against the feudal system of the Hausa/Fulani. The clamor for the restoration of Biafra is simply for the people of Biafra to be able to develop and put to use their talents which is being constrained in Nigeria and to also be able to practice their culture and beliefs without confrontations from Islamic fundamentalists.

The sinister suggestions given by the writer in curtailing the clamor for the restoration of Biafra is already in play as several military operations like Crocodile Tears, Python Dance, etc have been engaged and Biafra Land is presently under occupation by Hausa/Fulani Muslim stock of the Nigeria armed forces. Remember a government sponsored militant group and pro-Nigeria groups were created to threaten IPOB, also, military checkpoints have continued to increase in Biafra Land. The Nigeria government has tried every strategy in shutting down Biafra Television, Radio Biafra, pro-Biafra websites, blogs and social media accounts. The Nigeria government had also gone ahead to set up and operate barrages of anti-Biafra websites, blogs, social media accounts, radio and television jingles in a bid to dissuade and scuttle the clamor for Biafra.

The Nigeria security forces have continuously abducted, arrested, detained and killed supporters and associates of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. The Nigeria Secret Security Service (SSS) has continued to groom and train infiltrators to sabotage the plans of IPOB in its quest for self-determination. It is not surprising that Ebonyi state was excluded from the planned imposition of state of emergency and martial law as it has been subtly colonized by the Hausa/Fulani. The formidability and resoluteness of IPOB have never been dampened even under brutalization by the Nigeria government.

It is sheer show of hatred by the writer to suggest the arrest, detention and prosecution of politicians, political office holders and civil servants who expresses solidarity with pro-Biafra groups while numerous northerners and politicians who are in solidarity with BokoHaram and Fulani herdsmen have not been arrested or prosecuted. It is a shame that a supposedly educated writer will encourage the caging and violent against Indigenous people exercising their right to self-determination which is recognized under international law. I wonder if the writer is oblivious of the fact that the Nigeria government supports the same right for the people of Western Sahara and Palestine.

It is obvious that the writer is in tandem with the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy backed by the British government whose plan is to deliberately cause a crisis in Nigeria so as to perpetrate a military coup to depose Acting President Yemi Osibanjo. I wish to educate and warn that imposing martial law in Biafra Land will result in open confrontation and rebellion from Biafrans which a military dictator will not be able to contain. The youths in Biafra land are posing for an all out war as they have continually been killed on peaceful demonstration by the government forces but they are been held down by the peaceful and diplomatic approach of IPOB. A referendum rather than the imposition of state of emergency is the most civilized approach and the Nigeria government must be warned.

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