By: Obiekwe Enoch Mmaduabuchi —TBP

June 6, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader & Dr. Alex Ekwueme; Former Vice President of Nigeria
From time immemorial, occurrences which people term either positive or negative have constantly been recorded. Villains and heroes alike do emerge from these occurrences, and you're either on the good side, or on the wrong side.

About fifty (50) years ago, an unfortunate civil war which claimed over four (4) million lives was recorded in Nigeria. The civil war commonly known as the Biafran war among Easterners forever changed the course of history.

Different accounts of the civil war have continued to surface while the blame game of whom to hold responsible for the civil war has been playing out. However, we know it was an ethnic cleansing attempt on Biafrans. We know pogrom was committed against our people. We know the civil war ranks second behind the Jewish genocide on the list of genocides.

The Nigeria government and her partners in crime cannot hide the fact that Biafran civilian population was constantly being bombed. They cannot deny the fact that captured Biafran soldiers were executed- yes they were murdered in cold blood. Can they deny that starvation, which is an illegitimate and illegal tool of war, was used on the Biafran republic. No! They can't!! Our borders were shut down and our air space patrolled.

Well, I'm neither here to write about the civil war tactics, nor the way our mothers and their children were either bombed in the markets, schools, farms, homes, or raped to death with their bellies cut open and their innards left to demand from God what their crimes were. I'm not also not here to write about how our gallant and courageous fathers, brothers, and rugged daughters fought in battle, amidst heavy bombardment from the Nigerian artillery divisions, ruggedly backed by Britain, Russia, and Poland. I'm here to write about a far more important issue; their remembrance.

If you want to test the resolve of an American to kill, just abuse the American national flag or any of the American revolutionists or heroes. This gives birth to my principle which is; what shows you DESERVE to live is your APPRECIATION and RECOGNITION of the SACRIFICES made by others for your sake. 

I've been hearing different views and opinions on the upcoming May 30th Biafra Heroes/Heroines Remembrance Day. I marvel at the wickedness and heartlessness of those who say our heroes should not be remembered and honored. There are only two things you could do for a dead man. To avenge him, and to keep his memory alive.

How could someone be so unfaithful, hypocritical, unappreciative, and ungrateful to those who "gave their today for his tomorrow?" I call this the greatest height of demonic manipulation. Unacceptable! 
Arú (Abomination)!
Arúrú ana (Sacrilege)!!
Tufiakwa ( I reject it)
Chukwu ekwekwala ihe ójó (God forbid evil)!!!!
Chukwu narakwa ekwensu ike (May God make the devil powerless)!!!!!

A wise man once said that a coward is far too dangerous that a courageous man and so therefore, should be feared more. This is because it's more likely his cowardice would make him betray you. These traitors who speak against our fallen heroes/heroines have proven this wise saying.

These our so-called brethren who are too scared to even mention the name Biafra are always the first to claim we are neither united nor strong enough to restore Biafra. They claim we do not love ourselves. But that is their old brain working on them. Psychologists call it "personality projection"- a situation where you begin to project your innermost hidden personality upon others. We know what they are afraid of. We know they don't care about Biafra. They are only worried about their landed properties, and various establishments and investments across Nigeria.

Moving away from there, I'll move quickly to the implications of adhering to the sit at-home order by Director of Radio Biafra London, and the Grand Commander of the the loyal forces of Biafra, under the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.


It's a well known fact that Biafrans hold the economic key to Nigeria. This is down to our industrious nature. Imagine Eastern Nigeria shutting down all economic activities just for a day... Nigeria will be in serious economic crisis. No wonder the Nigerian government is doing everything in her power to stop us. But we are unstoppable and formidable.

On Saturday, 27th May 2017, over fifty (50) military vehicles were seen in Enugu State, heading towards 82nd Division Headquarters of the Nigeria Army, located at Abakpa Junction, Enugu East. Same day, Nigeria Air force choppers were seen surveiling the state and looking for pro-Biafra activists on sensitization.

Biafrans control majority of both the imports and exports in Nigeria. Take the commercial city of Aba as a case study. Aba designers are the greatest makers of locally made wares which are moved for exportation on a daily bases. Ebonyi State is the number one rice producing and exporting state in Nigeria. Go to Anambra and see how industrious a people can be. The number of successful business men in Anambra State alone is greater than the number of the whole northern business men put together. 

Furthermore, Biafrans control the money flow in the west. In Lagos which is the commercial city in Western Nigeria, majority of business enterprises is owned by Biafrans. Imagine a Lagos with Biafran businesses shut down? To answer that question, visit Lagos during Christmas periods when Easterners must have gone back home. You will notice the dullest and scantiest city in the world is Lagos. 

History has proven you have to shut down an enemy's economy if you are to win the war.


On the political front, I have a theory that adhering to the sit at-home order on May 30th will bring us closer to Biafra than before. International observers have been "invading" Biafra land to observe how the the event will go. They are not just here to monitor and document any aggression upon us from Nigerian security outfits. They are also here to ascertain how zealous and obsessed we are with Biafra. But defilement of this order could mean we are going nowhere.


Going back to history, we are descendants of Gad- one of the sons of Yacov (Jacob). Eri, Arodi, and Areli are the three sons of Gad believed to be our ancestors. Their cousin Ezion, is the father of our brothers found in the Niger Delta- South south. According to history, they migrated to Africa. I'll not go deep into the history. However, I'll point out some certain salient things we must know.

There's a house in Agulueri (Agulu-Eri), Anambra State, called "Obi Gad" (Gad's household). This is believed to be the dwelling place of these brothers. This place has been from the time of the three brothers. It is a fact; not a myth. Outside the house are three gigantic trees connected by one root. The trees have survived through the ages. It is believed the tree represents the three brothers. My biological father has been to the place.

These three brothers lived together with their cousin, Ezon, until Eri's death. Eri died at the age of a hundred and forty (140). After Eri died, the others migrated into other parts of Igbo land to set up their lineage and communities.

The direct descendants of Eri are those found within Enugu State, Anambra State and some parts of Rivers State like, Obi Igbo (Igbo household), etc.

The descendants of Arodi are Those from Abia State- except Umuahia- and Ebonyi State. Arochuchukwu, Arondizuogo, and other aros are also descendants. Those from Port Harcourt (Igwe Ocha) are also of Arodi's descent.

Those of Areli's descent are the Imo people. The Umuahia people found in Abia State are also descendants of Areli.

Their cousin Ezon begat majority of the "Niger Deltas." Some believe the Igala people also fall among descendants of Areli while others say they fall among descendants of Eri.

We say we are Jews by origin and Biafrans by nationality; though we are still termed as Nigerians. Our adherence to the sit at-home order will surely go a long way to strengthen our position that we are never Nigerians in the eyes of humanity.

The world will surely ask questions on why a whole race of people decided to sit at-home on a particular day. It can't be a coincident. Nigeria will be forced to speak Biafra. Nigeria cannot believe like former Nigeria President, Olusegun Obasanjo did during Uwazuruike's time. Obasanjo answered them we were celebrating "iri ji ofuru" (new yam festival)! Very funny and cunning man right?

It's high time we Biafrans came together as one to restore the Sovereign State of Biafra, which had been in existence five thousand (5,000) years before the glueing of the caricature state called Nigeria (Nigga-Area).

It's a known fact Nigeria is desperate to stop us. As I'm writing this now, the military has mounted roadblocks at Onugwu, Ibagwa, opposite the Catholic church at Ibagwa.

Igala, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Efik, Ibibio, Anang, Igbo, Opobo, Nembe,  and many other lands and people of the old Kingdom of Biafra situated at the Bight of Biafra/Bonny, Benin, and Gulf of Guinea, we are brothers. Whatever decision we make today will surely determine where we will be tomorrow.

Remember! What will be our legacy? Will our children remember us as heroes/heroines, or will they remember us as COWARDS who could not stand for what we believe in!

My brethren, shall we allow the threat of ungodly men to deter us? No!
Shall we let evil and wicked monsters dictate for us what to do?? No!!
Are we going to let the memories of our heroes and heroines gone to be tampered with??? No!!!
Their spirits will never forgive us if we shy away from this "little" sacrifice of our. It's just tomorrow remember.
Let's do this for our heroes/heroines- those who suffered and died that we may live. THIS IS OUR ONLY WAY TO REPAY THEM!!! The ball is in our court..

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie

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