By: Obiekwe Enoch Mmaduabuchi —TBP
June 6, 2017

Mazi Nnandi Kanu; IPOB Leader (R) & Dr. Alex Ekwueme; Former Vice President of Nigeria (L)
Some few days ago, something exceptionally unique happened. For the first time since after the 2014 sit at-home, Biafrans unitedly proved to the world that we are really serious with the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra. 

A sit at-home order was given by the Director Radio Biafra, Maazi Nnamdi Kanu. This order was to be carried out on May 30th, 2017, being Biafra Heroes/Heroines remembrance day. Biafrans were to by this means honor those who have in various occasions sacrificed a lot for them, and in most cases, paid the ultimate price. This order was excellently followed.


In that previously written article, I pointed out the importance and implications of obeying that order. Click Here To Read Part 1

In this part two of that topic, I'll explain and point out from another angle the implications of the excellently obeyed order. And having gone through the part one, I want to believe you fully understand it; thereby flowing with me as we sail through the second part of this topic.

To the glory of God, the sit at-home order was followed by Biafrans, including most civil servants. With the few civil servants who went to work being those who could not RISK their jobs. Hmm! Interesting!! 

My brethren, I'm still speechless over the outcome of this bugle call. The response was magical. The extent to which Biafrans honored that call baffles me. I still can't believe same people accused of not being united pulled such an event! Believe ye me, we need no other referendum. The outcome alone speaks volume. The world can now confirm we are serious. The Nigerian polity is boiling. Thanks to the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu.

Well, I wouldn't want to exhaust all of the space allotted to me expressing my joy. So therefore, I'll proceed with the implications of carrying out that sit at-home order.


In the part one of this topic, I illustrated the salient part Biafrans play for the Nigerian economy. I explained that the Nigerian economy would be adversely affected if we followed that order (not that I cared). I decided to reserve for our later consumption the economic blunder and miscalculations the sit at-home exercise would propel Nigeria into- of course I didn't want such mistakes to be averted.

The Nigerian government, all in a bid to stop the sit at-home exercise budgeted a huge sum of money. Air force choppers and military vehicles, with police patrol vehicles patrolled and surveyed Biafra land. These operations were carried out notwithstanding the fact that the country is in serious economic crisis. This proved to be a big blunder on the Nigerian side.

Nigerian financial woes have been compounded by these very actions. Most civil servants whose salaries are long overdue are yet to be paid. Those lucky enough to find their names on the list of those to be paid had their salaries slashed. A typical example is the case of psychiatric doctors and nurses working at Federal Neural Psychiatric Hospital, New Haven, Enugu State, who had their salaries slashed. Notwithstanding that their salaries were slashed, they are yet to be paid.

Still on the economic implications. Imo State is in serious financial trouble currently. The saboteur governor, Rochas Okorocha envisioned this trouble and tried to force people to operate their businesses on the sit at-home day. Of course he met strict resistance.


In the part one of this topic, I explained that adherence to the sit at-home order will surely give the world reasons to support Biafra. Now let's look at it from another angle.

For a few decades now, there's been serious leadership crisis in Eastern Nigeria, especially the five main Igbo states. The Igbo politicians are always accused of sabotage and betrayal because of their "unholy matrimony" with the northern feudalists. 

These politicians and self acclaimed Igbo leaders try to refute these allegations and claim to enjoy great support from their people. In many cases, they present themselves as people in control of Biafraland.

Another group of self acclaimed leaders and decision makers in Biafraland is the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo (the apex Igbo sociocultural group in Nigeria). 

These groups of people parade themselves as the opinion leaders and apex decision making body in Igboland. However, their failure and inability to command respect and obedience in Igboland is overwhelming. Quite ironical!

Furthermore, the level of adherence to the sit at-home order from Nnamdi Kanu by Biafrans has brought to light the continuous dwindling power of these aforementioned sets of people. This has given rise to a very critical question: Between Nnamdi Kanu, Igbo governors, Igbo politicians, and Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, who is in control of Biafraland???

Following the just concluded sit at-home exercise, one doesn't need to wrack his/her brain over this question. 

The director of Radio Biafra London, and the Grand Commander of all the loyal forces of Biafra under the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Maazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again proven his stock. He gave the directive that every Biafran, whether civil servant or non civil servant, should stay at home on that fateful day. The response to that order has proven that Nnamdi Kanu commands much more respect than all the so-called Igbo leaders combined.

Where others thread and fail, Nnamdi Kanu threads and succeeds excellently. The man Nnamdi Kanu is held in high esteem among Easterners. He is seen as the Moses of today. This of course should not be a surprise. Unlike his many peers and mates who choose to live affluent lives in foreign lands, Nnamdi Okwu Kanu chose to suffer for his people.

Imagine the prince and heir apparent to the throne of England choosing to give everything up and suffer that his people may be freed! It's inconceivable!! But this is exactly what Nnamdi Kanu did. He Nnamdi Kanu deserves this undisputed position.


Having taken my time to give a historical narration and explanation in the part one of this topic, I'll approach this subheading from another angle.

From time immemorial, we (Biafrans) have been Republicans. Our sociocultural makeup is pure republican. Long before the coming of the Arabs who were here long before the Europeans, our system of government has been a representative system. We operate a kind of system where the the "man of the house", Okpara (eldest man), Ndi Nze na Ozo including Ndi Ichie(council of titled men), represented our people on various levels of government respectively and hierarchically. We have cases where the whole village or community gather to make collective decisions. Igbo enwe eze is an old Igbo maxim that explains our republican nature.

Our historical setting illustrates a typical example of "democracy" where everyone's voice was in most cases literally heard. This traditional and historical background was the main reason we withstood Arab and European incursions. Unlike Hausa/Fulani, and Yoruba kingdoms that surrendered after the emirs and Kabiyesis were captured respectively, our traditional society beat back the invaders. Before Britain could succeed, they had to come under the guise of business partners. 

Biafrans are literally a stubborn people. This is probably why it's a great achievement for Nnamdi Kanu to have successfully ORDERED us into doing something; unlike the so-called eastern leaders who will plead and yet be ignored. 

I see that sit at-home exercise as a sign from The Most High (YHWH) that Biafra is near. Nigerian security agencies could not stop us. All their evil plans backfired. God fought for us. The scriptures record that no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. And that any tongue that will rise against us shall be condemned in judgement. This saying was manifested on that day. While Nigeria Navy and Nigeria Army searched for our people in Cross River State on that day, YHWH put confusion amongst them and made them turn against themselves. The clash was fatal and the both sides had dead soldiers on their list that day. Glory be to YHWH!

Biafrans and all lovers of freedom, we are to know that a great opportunity is before humanity, and it's left for humanity to savour it and save itself from destruction. Are we to sit down and look up to corrupt and less concerned politicians to dictate our future for us? Or are we to rise up as one people, fight these evil men under the guise of world leaders, and take our future back from them? 

What will all those who died fighting that you and I may be free today do? How will George Washington and the American revolutionaries see us? As heroes or as cowards? Posterity will never forgive us if we out of cowardice shy away from our responsibilities!

Remember once again that the decision we make today will determine where we'll be tomorrow. The ball remains in our court....

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