By Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP
June 19, 2017

President Buhari and his Military Chief; showcasing the ISIS/BOKOHARAM islamic flag at Aso Rock; Nigerian seat of power
Not too long ago, we released an article on the massacre of Biafrans in the northern parts of the country which its title was "BEHOLD THE NYAMIRIS INSIDE EMIRS PALACE". Our focus was centered on the events that took place in Emir Hassan Katsina's palace, where the word "nyamiri" originated from.

At this point in the history of Biafra, it become pertinent to remind Biafrans, Nigerians and the world of that peculiar event, the activities that ushered the bloody scenario in, the reaction of the eastern leaders.

Following the recent comment credited to the present Emir of Katsina in which he was alleged to have said "I will defend Igbos (Biafrans) from my kinsmen with my last drop of blood if the need arises"; this statement drives one on the highway of history back to 1966 inside Emir Katsina's palace. Women were raped, children massacred, men killed in horrible and humiliating manners, pregnant women were not spared.

Following the coup of 1966, the Emir Katsina threw open his gate for Igbos who were being hunted and killed by arewa youths in collaboration with the men of the Nigerian armed forces. He offered to them refuge in his palace. General Madiebo, a prominent Igbo son called on Aguiyi Ironsi to quench the massacre going on in "ugwu hausa"; General Aguiyi Ironsi in turn contacted Emir Hassan Katsina who assured him that everything was "under police control".

In the very palace of Emir Katsina where Biafrans took refuge turned into a slaughter ground as Biafrans were brought out one after the other, butchered like cows and fowls meant for ritual, some in the presence of their wife, some their children and most men watch as their wives and daughters were raped randomly by arewa youths. Emir katsina was there in his palace as the feast went on.

No doubt, the word "nyamiri" which simply means "nyem mmiri" in Igbo and "give me water" in English came to existence as a result of the barbaric manner in which the Easterners were massacred. When they bring forth a man to be killed, in order to make fun out of his death, they will slit open his throat halfway and allow him writ in pain and beg for water, "biko nyem mmiri", that was how the arewa murderers culled the abominable word "nyamiri"..

In a time like this in our history, we must not fail to firstly commend the arewa youths and her leadership for being so humane enough to warn our people to vacate from their land or risk what is to come.

In such a time, the Emir of Katsina is promising Biafrans not to panic and to "continue with their normal businesses" as he will use his own blood to defend them; now if at all his words should be taken as a sincere promise, how can he be sure of protecting Biafrans from a well armed arewa youths sponsored and supported by the Islamic world? Dying with Biafrans just like Fajuyi died with Aguiyi Ironsi, will it change the fact that Biafrans will be slaughtered if they fail to vacate arewa land?

The Governors from the Easterner part advising Igbos living in the north to stay put; we wonder if they are disconnected from reality and the glaring facts on the wall or are they just being reckless and careless with their subjects?

Those Biafrans still in the northern parts of the country called Nigeria days after the owners of the land issued a quit notice are just prepared to commit suicide and they must be made to know that suicide is a taboo in Biafra land and that their corpse will not be buried in Biafraland if they allow themselves massacred in the north whereas they have the option of going home.

They should be careful enough not to allow themselves be used as the specimen for carrying out the experiment on the workability of one Nigeria and seriousness of arewa youth threat.


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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