By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi  -TBP
June 19, 2017

Starting with the assertions made above, I choose to speak up against injustices no matter what may befall me; if I fear death for not speaking out yet one day at a time same death will come knocking and I might not be able to speak up again. what an irony to life!

Call it restructuring, devolution of power or confederation whereby the states are Confederated as a unit to become a region synonymous with devolution of power now modified to mean restructuring; all is hypocrisy of yester-years for which Biafrans were killed enmass by Hausa-Fulani religious bigots, power mongers and ethnocentrists.

Civilians comprised of men, women and children were killed by the vandals' bullets, bullied, maimed, and to conclude it all by Awolowo starvation policy of "let us not feed our enemies fat so that they won't have strength to fight back".

From the inference above how come tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's disjointed and hypocritical speeche he made to the world in this present time was; "that Nigeria being the vandals fought their brothers Biafrans from leaving Nigeria; he used this concocted lies as a yardstick to cover up for his roles and the duty he played out then as an imam in a military cloak.

Even as an uneducated man would subscribe to Mohammadu Buhari incoherent lies, how would a sane mind like that of a high-headed tyrant killed his brothers ranging from 1.5million to 1.9 million of innocent souls that died as a result of Nigeria bullets; as tyrant Mohammadu Buhari would want us to subscribe to his cheap lies how come that under his watch as a democrat, the Nigeria Military under his Chief-Command killed and still in the act of killing the members of the indigenous people of Biafra till date.

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari has not hidden his passion from time immemorial how he cherished for Biafrans to be killed; as a result of this innate hatred by Mohammadu Buhari pushed IPOB to the wall to register their displeasures and dissatisfactions with his totalitarian system of Government.

Mohammadu Buhari the unrepentant jihadist with his Nigeria Government supervised the starvation of over two millions Biafran souls mostly women and children who died as a result of hunger and starvation caused by Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo's hunger policy.

We watch with amusement that the APC-led Federal Government under tyrant Mohammadu Buhari recently moved a motion out of their collective foolishness to implement the GoodLuck Jonathan's "CONFAB REPORT" as the last resort to preserve and save their zoo(Nigeria) from disintegrating; recall that in the said Confab Report, it laid emphasis on how Nigeria is to be restructured which the Hausa-Fulani oligarchists were against in all ramifications.

People should know that it was for the same reasons and ideologies to better and preserve the slavers vestige known as Nigeria that Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu went to Aburi in Ghana with Yakubu Gowon, to save the face of Nigeria, the modification of this term "restructuring, power devolution is synonymous to the term "confederation"; this was the same core reasons that Biafrans were killed in their numbers in 1966-1970 even till this moment.

Now that the world is in modernity of democracy that referendum becomes a right for people to make their choice and fate; the Nigeria legislatures are now coming up to pass Dr. Goodluck Jonathan Confab Report to swing into action as a basis for true Federalism and a unified Nigeria - what a hypocrisy?

Biafrans had been pushed to the wall by the Nigeria Government and there are limits to this wickedness showered on them by the Nigeria Government which if not properly address through the instrumentality of conducting referendum might cause violence, restiveness, chaos and may result to another war.

Information gathered has it that the sole reason why the members of the Indigenous people of Biafra are opting out from the restructuring exercise is that their progenitors were killed in 1966-1970 for demanding for a confederation state in Nigeria and were slainned as the Government of Yakubu Gowon considered it to be a rebellion movement.

Because of this; remnants of the Biafra war say no and will keep on keeping on to opt out from restructuring, confederating or devolution of power in any union that has to do with the Federal Nigeria again; the people questioned the move by the Nigeria Legislative arm of Government [Legislators], under Bukola Saraki the Nigeria Senate President to restructure Nigeria using the Confab Report when the APC- led Federal Government under Mohammadu Buhari and his cabal vowed that the report belongs to the archives if not mistaken to the bin.

The Indigenous people of Biafra vowed not to be a part to the motion moved by the Nigeria legislators in their last plenary session as to them it will not serve justice they wish and demanded for; the people reiterated their resolved and oath of allegiance not to betray Biafra until referendum is conducted; then normalcy will return to every region that make-up Nigeria.

The removal of Christian Religious Knowledge in the Nigeria academic curriculum and the introduction of Islamic Religious Studies has exposed the plans that Hausa-Fulani has for the rest of Nigeria which has steer the cause for Biafra liberation from Niheria. The North are planning what I call 'The Nigeria Islamization pyramid of the South.

With this move on non-islamic faithfuls; non-islamic faithfuls first will be sacked from the Military, Government agencies, domination to human resource exploitation; and lastly coercing the Biafrans to accept Islam or die as infidels. The general public should know we are already in the era of the Northernization Policy of Nigeria and total Islamization movement of conquest against the Biafrans ushered in by a fanatical religious bigot and a tyrant in the making - Mohammadu Buhari.

Take it or leave it, oil will become a Northern affairs policy with NNPC to mean Northern Nigeria Petroleum commission among the Hausa-Fulani oligarchists; the Seaports comptrollers will be under Islamic control, the Attorney General of the Federation and the common law courts AGF/Courts will be under heavy Islamic threats with the courts pronouncing in public that an accused should be tried in secrecy under Islamic law or injunction.

The case of Nnamdi Kanus and Sambo Dasuki has so far shown or being an indication that should serve as a litmus test for this. The Military which comprises of [Navy, Air Force, Land soilders] and her sister department the police [NPF] will be headed by high headed Islamic faithfuls who are ever ready to kill and live in open denial of their atrocious acts against humanity; Presidency will soon be in their chain of command so as to manipulate every meaningful evidences that will indict the tyrant Mohammadu Buhari' crime regime before the international law bodies.

Apparently now that Nigeria has shot herself in the leg and killed herself, most Abuja politicians known as the vultures has already had a meeting on how to coerced IPOB to accept restructuring Nigeria along the line of regional government which belonged to the archives as a result of the Nnamdi Kanu's factor, but decide to play the ostrich by meeting with some Biafran elders and Biafran-Abuja politicians. Any discussion without the consent of IPOB will not stand as we promise them their talk will not hold water.

It was a callous pronouncement made by the Northern Nigeria legislators in a call to arrest anybody that call for Nigeria breakup; are they making this threat to animals or over human? Because by the free gift of nature man decides where he wants to associate prior to his freedom. These misguided legislators should know that in this 21st century Biafrans cannot be coerced into accepting any move or threat made by the Nigeria arms of Government which is totally against their collective way of reasoning as indigenous people under law.

The vultures has once again gathered for their last preying on Biafrans following the Kaduna declaration and the mischievous political move by Coordinator cum Vice-President of Nigeria Yemi Osibanjo to choke Nigeria on Biafrans which is unacceptable; Biafrans advice instead of making this unholy move to conceive them to embrace Nigeria; why not he inform his Government to give way for referendum to be conducted in Biafran territory.

The call for the restoration of Biafra will be the only repelling force that will untangle this evil plans of Islamizing Biafrans in their land which the Mohammadu Buhari Government will work very hard to protect the culprits [herders] because of their ethnic identity; we must not in our lives allow the Qur'an be soaked in the Atlantic Ocean as many may not understand this message as that is the Islamic conquest against Biafra as their conquered territory.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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