Authored by Chima Onyekachi - TBP
May 31, 2017

A day that will never be forgotten in the history of the restoration of Biafra is the 2017 May 30th Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day. A total compliance to the sit-at-home directive by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has revealed that the people of Biafra are united and have a common desire which is the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. IPOB has recorded an historic civil disobedience all over Biafra Land against the Nigeria government with the highest level of discipline, putting doubters and instigators to a profound silence.

There was a total shut down of markets, schools, parks, banks, companies and government buildings in all parts of Biafra Land as Biafrans stayed indoors to honor and remember their heroes and heroines killed during and after the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70. The day began solemnly and brightly with prayers and supplication in the homes of most Biafrans whiles the murderous Nigeria security forces laid ambush seeking the blood of Biafrans, thinking there will be a procession.

The Nigeria government had planned to use Fulani herdsmen and marauders to obstruct any procession or demonstration by Biafrans, which would have resulted in a fracas that will lead to the invitation of the blood thirsty BokoHaram cum Nigeria security forces, in the guise of forestalling any breakdown of order but with the real mission of exterminating Biafrans. But the malicious plan was averted as Biafrans remained within their homes; the noon of the commemoration of the Biafra Heroes Day was ushered with gun salutes across Biafra Land after the minute silence was observed.

The determination of the people of Biafra to have their freedom should no longer be in doubt by any sane thinking person. Without any iota of violence, Nnamdi Kanu has been able to garner the attention of the globe to the people of Biafra. The people of Biafra have shown they have a leader in him by adhering to his directive for them to sit-in in honor to their heroes and heroines. The threats and show of force from the murderous Nigeria security forces did not deter Biafrans from expressing their rights in a civilized manner.

Even the voices of the South-east governors and politicians that kicked against the sit-at-home directive have been drowned by the quietness and solitude experienced all over Biafra Land, revealing them as the minority opposing the wishes of the Biafra people. The wish of the people of Biafra is the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and their choice must be respected. The Indigenous People of Biafra wants to express their right to self-determination enshrined in the United Nations Charter. IPOB is notably known for its non-violent and peaceful approach to the indigenous people’s right to self-determination included in the African charter, and Nigeria is a signatory to them all. The Nigeria government supports Western Sahara and Palestine for the same rights but has continued to kill Biafrans. The total compliance to the May 30th 2017 sit-at-home directives is a peaceful call by the people of Biafra for their rights to be respected and a civilized approach must be taken by the Nigeria government. If Scotland and Catalonia can have their own referendum, Biafrans are also civilized to have the same as an option for the sake of peace and respect for human lives.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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