BIAFRA: The Folly Of  "One, United, Indivisible Nigeria"; The Owners Of Nigeria's Resources Has Hecome The "Slaughtered Cow"

Authured by Comr. Onuoha Endurance [CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATES OF NIGERIA (CRAN)]

Biafran children starved by the British-sponsored Nigeria government during 1967-70 genocidal war
From the eve of July 29, 1966 over 270 Igbo senior military officers were killed in Abeokuta, Ibadan, Lagos, Zaria etc. As this butchery of human beings was going on in what was tagged a retaliatory coup, the northern officers declared Araba; Ferried their families home to secede from the rest of British Nigeria.

But this plan was discarded when Britain sold the idea of oil to them and how they will profit from taking control of the oil. As the killing of military officers of Igbo origin was getting to a climax, the Northern civilians unleashed their cubs and machetes on innocent civilians all through the North. People were cut into pieces. In 30 days, over 20,000 Igbo lives were mowed down by this sheer barbarism. What a folly of  "one, united, indivisble" Nigeria.

In those days, rail transportation was the major means of traveling to the East from the North. So when the train departed, one will have to wait for its return before another set of Igbo could depart the North.
The orgy for violence in the Northern civilians was without limits. Students killed their Igbo teachers. Colleagues at work killed their fellow Igbo colleagues. House owners killed their Igbo tenants. It was in this frenzy and death orgy that the Igbo devised a plan of survival. The plan was to run to the emirate and seek refuge until the train that left for the East returned. Many Igbo ran to Emir palaces in the north seeking refuge not knowing that the emirate was planning the final Igbo solution. As they ran into the palace, they were all welcomed. So this encouraged other Igbos who were hiding to run to the palace.

Then the final solution set in when the numbers of Igbo seeking refuge was increased. They will be allowed to die slowly. No food, no water must be offered to them. For days, the Igbo seeking refuge from the Northern progrom were denied food and water. They started crying until they gradually died off. What a folly of "one, united, indivisible Nigeria".

More than 6 million Biafran children and women from the East were gruesomely and atrociously murdered and humiliated by all manner of unimaginable means including starvation by the world cospiracy in an uncivil, evil war usually refered to a "civil" war perpetrated by the North under British watch.

More than 700 Igbo men, women, girls and boys from the East were slaughtered and gruesomely massacred at Asaba on July 10, 1967 while they wore whites and waved "palm branches" of welcome to the Hausa-Fulani Federal troops heading across the Niger to wipeout their kits and kins after being brainwashed we are not of same origin. What a folly of "one, united and indivisible" Nigeria.

Up until now, there has been no National apology for this savagely act neither has there been any reparations paid, no reconciliatory moves done, no reconstruction carried out and no rehabilitation has taken place in more than 50 years on after the savagely, uncivil and evil war of madness carried out on Biafrans at the order and support of Britain while the world watched. Yet each time the Indigenes of the ancient nation of Biafra comes out to commemorate their slaughtered relatives, the same Nigeria government will either cry foul, threaten them with armaments of warfare (that are supposedly meant to protect the whole contraption called Nigeria against external extermination) to intimidate them, harrass them, humiliate and/or kill them. What a folly of "one indivisible" Nigeria.

From 2015–2016 Killing of Biafran protesters refers to the killing of Biafrans peaceful and disciplined demonstrators
demanding the restoration of the sovereignty of the Republic of Biafra by Nigerian security forces, especially the Nigerian army, across the Eastern parts of Nigeria. The demonstrations are spearheaded by several agitating groups. In addition, residents of the above-mentioned region have often been subjected to conditions synonymous with those obtainable in the Nazi regime of Germany. What a folly of "one, united and indivisible Nigeria".

The way and manner with which the Nigeria military rolled out their military choppers, crafts, war tanks and armoured vehicles in a show of force as if the combined forces of US and RUSSIA is about engaging Nigeria is very laughable, and absolutely lugubrious. Let's be reasonable and objective for a minute, where were all these military personnel all this time while the Armed Fulani Herdsmen continuously terrorized and killed the defenceless people of Nimbo Enugu State, raped women and razed houses in Agatu Benue state and many other parts of the East. No military tanks were rolled out, no armoured vehicles, choppers, or personnel were deployed in protection of the defenceless people whom they were meant to protect. What a folly of "one, united, indivisible Nigeria".

The Presidency, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Defence Staff, Inspector General of Police and all the Personnel concerned should not just take foreign trips but learn from Civilized Nations in the world that it is the responsibility of the Riot Police to Escort and Protect all Peaceful protesters and not intimidate and/or kill them.

Comr. Onuoha Endurance, B.Sc (Hons), Pol. Sc., Ed, UNN  For CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATES OF NIGERIA (CRAN)

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