By Odirachinma Ezeobi | May 4, 2017

His disability did not stop him from evangelising for Biafra 
The new leadership of Ohaneze ndigbo led by chief Nnia Nwodo started well by addressing issues that are of the interest of the common igbo man. Just as the socio cultural organization is set to meet with the leader of IPOB over the discussion of which to follow; restructuring or Biafra. To this end the leadership of ohaneze had decided to convince Nnamdi Kanu to see reasons with them on standing with restructuring.

Surprisingly few Igbo elites are calling for restructuring instead of Biafra restoration. So it become of essene that we remind our people and enlighten us all on what restructuring is both in definition and its history application in Nigeria.

Restructuring is simply the re-arrangement and change of the organization of the government.

The question now is since the inception of the country Nigeria, have they tried giving restructuring a thought and a chance and if yes what has been the outcome? In a nutshell we wish to remind Ohaneze ndigbo and all Nigerians calling for the restructuring of Nigeria of the attempted restructuring done in the past and the result accumulated from them.

In 1960 when Nigeria gain her independence, we started off with parliamentary system of government but it was deemed erroneous by the military as they took over power through the use of force. This coup against the civilian government if not in the mind of the plotters but to Nigeria was a way to settle Nigeria problems thereby implying change of the organization of government (restructure)

The first coup was followed up with series of coups and then the miraculous handover of government to civilian rule by General Obasanjo which saw another phase of restructuring in process. But General Buhari stroke again and started off another days of military rule which was also not far from restructuring.

We must also not throw to the dogs the fact that General Gowon had on May 27 1967 created twelve states out of the existing regions in Nigeria; this was also restructuring in process, followed by the creation of nineteen states by Murtala Mohammed on Feb 3 1976 but what came out of it?

Ohaneze ndigbo, we must not also forget in a hurry the Aburi Accord which was instituted to fashion out the better way to retain a united Nigeria; am I to tell my elders what became of the decisions reached at Aburi Ghana?

What of the newest step into restructuring Nigeria to accommodate all the component units which was tagged *National Confab 2014* in which decisions were reached by consensus, what became of that conference reports is still a mystery to the common man living in the entity called Nigeria.
Now the people that felt marginalized and cheated in this whole game called united Nigeria since inception has risen up to fight and regain their lost glory and land and you are trying to talk them back into servitude and unending and never to be implemented restructuring.

We hereby wishes to remind and inform Ohaneze leadership incase they are ignorant of the fact that the millions of Biafrans massacred so far in this struggle never came out to the street to fight or demonstrate for a restructured Nigeria but for a free Biafra; most were quoted to have said on their sick bed "make sure you get Biafra for me for that is all that can make my soul rest in peace"

So it is quite impossible to abandon this struggle for a true restructuring program not to talk of a charade .

Logically speaking, we had been trying restructuring since the inception of Nigeria and we see ourselves becoming worse than we were and it is said that if you continue doing what you did in the past, you will continue getting the same result you got in the past.

It is time to try dissolution of the entity; and it calls for a referendum because we are not animals but humans and our right to self determination must not be trampled upon.
Biafra restoration is a task that we must accomplish on this surface of the earth.

We believe in superior arguments so we hope that as you meet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu you either present empirical superior argument to him or you accept and support the restoration of Biafra for if you fail to support Biafra restoration after he had defeated your arguments with a superior one, you will as well lose our respect.

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