Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
May 31, 2017

A Biafran with placard telling the wider world that we are not Nigerians but Biafrans
Bravo! I must commend the resoluteness being seen and perceived by all in the resoluteness of the indigenous people of Biafra who today indeed despite all odds make this day a remarkable memorable day that history will write on it as far as humanity lives.

Many in their bewilderment thought it to be an ignoble price to pay for Biafrans to honor their dead ones that died during the genocidal war perfected by the British and Nigeria governments; this today was seen especially within those in the Nigeria seat of powers; from the federal level to the state level met their faces buried in shame.

The Nigeria federal government under coordinator cum Vice President Yemi Osibanjo sent in military troops and Biafra land was kept under siege on the order of shoot at sight; some state governors on the order from the federal level persuaded their states to resume and continue with their day to day activities but it all met and hit deaf ears, a governor was chided away when seen around the ever busy Douglas-Owerri road in Imo state.

It is widely seen and observed that today's 30th May 2017 made tremendous headlines within and outside Nigeria news papers; what a glory to a leader who is not deterred despite troubling sea waves to weigh him down but like Yahusha/Jesus Christ in the biblical account commanded the sea waves to be at peace with him and it came to pass.

Today, I feel highly honored and in a good spirit to deliver this all important article on this blessed day 30th May, 2017 (yesterday) to which affected our lives collectively in different ways, shapes and forms marking the day Biafra heroes and heroines paid the ultimate price that humanity may live; today we reflected in a sober mood and think down deep over our collective loss starting from the Jos riot of 1945, Kano riot of 1953, the pogrom of 1966, the genocidal war of 1967-1970 under General Jack Yakubu Gowon's watch. 30th May 2016 Biafra remembrance day under Hitler Mohammadu Buhari's command and order a continuous ethnic cleansing till date in Northern Nigeria and in Biafra land which remain unabated, we mourn!.

With regards to this exceptional civil disobedience embarked upon by the Indigenous people of Biafra has signaled to the outer world that indeed the mantle of leadership is been handed over to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to deliver his people from the snares of the murderous Nigeria state.

It is worthy of note to take into cognizance that the Biafra people despite their crowded engagements to which Hausa-Fulani and some Yoruba people always mocked them as illiterate traders that cannot close down their shops heed and adhered to this instruction which demands some round of applauds from all and sundry.

Most surprisingly government paratastatals and organizations were not left out to show their solidarity behind the indigenous people of Biafra where it was observed that workers refused to render nor discharge their administrative roles even at the detriment of being sacked by their government employers. Banks and schools were shut down as banking and academic activities aborted all in Biafra land today to mourn their lost loved ones.

On this premise that Nnamdi Kanu say a very big thank you to all who listened and adhered to this instruction which is a semi-referendum to test the people's resolve and willingness that Biafra will come in truth and every honesty.

In the history of humanity; today history has it that Biafrans had paid the ultimate price in their gifted lives that they maybe free from neo-slavery in Nigeria not minding the murderous Nigeria security operatives that were sent down to kill them en-mass as that has always been the case and fate of Biafrans but were shamed by the Almighty God who resides in heaven.

It is now clear to everyone that Biafrans are fanatical about their sovereignty and therefore on this note we call on humanity to wade in as Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo and her sister body, the southeast and south-south governors forum can no longer make out or decide for the Biafran people who are currently enslaved in Nigeria by the British government. To this Ralph Uwazuruike should drop his "Biafra Independent Movement"; he is seen as a rabble rouser without a define or definite cause. What I still do not know but subject to further thinking is; who is Ralph Uwazuruike leading when Nnamdi Kanu is onboard?

In Ralph Uwazuruike's characteristics manner, and that of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo coupled with their sister body the South-East and South-South governors, were trying to downplay the enormity of the exigency of this struggle which he Ralph Uwazuruike, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo with the enslaved Eastern Nigerian governors cannot fulfill come rain or sun onto this day.

I have done my bit and my bit is to analyze it, please pardon me to plagiarise on Peter Geismar Biography of Fanon P.185 which states that: "what I want to say is that death is always close-by and what is important is not to know if you can avoid it, but to know that you have done the most possible to realize your ideas. We are nothing on earth if we are not first of all slaves of a cause, the cause of people, the cause of justice, the cause of freedom, the cause of liberty ".

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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