By Ifeanyi Chijioke - For TBP
April 12, 2017

President of Nigeria
A link who spoke to our source reported that President Muhammadu Buhari is critically ill with wire connected all over his body, the report further disclosed that Muhammadu Buhari cannot stand and speak for a minute with five doctors 24hours close to him. There is growing fear that he may lose his life at any time if not given intensive attention or care. Biafra Reporters cannot authoritatively confirm this report but the top Government link who said he attended a meeting in Abuja noted he is speaking with every certainty.

Recall that Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria on 19th of January for a medical leave which almost took him three months to make it back to Nigeria. There were unconfirmed reports as at the time he was out that he is dead. Few weeks later; a critically ill President was brought back to Nigeria by cabals to avoid impeachment, his arrival as reported was against the advice of his doctors that warned he cannot continue to discharge his constitutional duties as the President of Nigria.

Since the arrival of Muhammadu Buhari; there are indications that the worst may have happened as the cabals that forced him back have seen the wisdom in the professional advice that he should not be rushed back to Nigeria. They have taken Muhammadu Buhari away from the public and Nigerians and scarcely present him to people, this is because the condition of Muhammadu Buhari has deteriorated

Going further; the report disclosed that Muhammadu Buhari’s illness has worsened and not showing any sign of getting better. There are reports that he is losing his hair which is evident of cancer but the Government link that spoke to our source disclosed that Buhari cannot walk as he is always present and on his seat before arrival of others in any meeting, unlike before. There is every possibility that he is being managed like a toy.

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