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April 12, 2017

Paul Arkwright; British Ambassador to the "fantastically corrupt" Nigeria
I watched a televised scene of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, passionately pleading to the Scottish representatives in the House of Common to shelve the plans of separating from Britain so as to enable a smooth transition of separation from the European Union (EU). This is coming after the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Nicola Sturgeon, announced their intention to vie for another referendum.

Back in Nigeria, an employee of the British government in the person of the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, while running an errand for his paymasters decided to exhibit the colonial master’s trait of arrogance and ignorance when it comes to talking about Biafra. While speaking in a public lecture titled “Brexit Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria” at the Federal University, Lokoja, it was reported that the British High Commissioner told the people of Biafra to shelve the idea of clamoring for an independent state of Biafra, that his country stands solidly behind one, indivisible Nigeria.

In his own words, he said “Those agitating for a separate Biafra nation will be better advised to shelve such plans because it will never work under our watch, we will do everything possible to ensure Nigeria remains one and indivisible country under God”. He added “the strength of Nigeria is not in her money or oil but her greatest asset remains her well-endowed and resourceful people.

It is shameful and spikes of hypocrisy that Paul Arkwright who was delivering a supposed lecture on the success of his country in separating from the EU, will at the same time undermine the efforts of the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in peacefully exercising the right to self-determination which is enshrined in the United Nations Charter. What kind of lecture is Paul Arkwright giving to his audience if he cannot educate and enlighten them on the importance and civility of a referendum? Was it not through a referendum the British people chose they were tired of the partnership with the EU and decided to opt out? The Scottish people who have not given up on their desire to be independent even after failing to gain the majority in the last referendum are been pleaded upon and have never been insulted by the British government.

Paul Arkwright does not need to remind the people of Biafra that the British government is the arch enemy to the restoration of Biafra because we are very much aware of that hard truth. Biafrans have not forgotten that the weapons used in the extermination of their grandparents and parents by the Nigeria troops during the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70 were sent from the British government. The Harold Wilson led government of Britain hugely assisted the Nigeria government of Yakubu Gowon in perpetrating genocide against the people of Biafra, as they enforced the blockade of Biafra Land causing hunger while bombing innocent civilians and pillaging the land. The British government through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) propagated fallacies, hiding the true facts and happenings against innocent civilians, all through the period of the genocide from the international community. Even the kwashiorkor epidemic ravaging the innocent Biafran children during the genocide was named “Wilson Syndrome” after the then British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. Pictures and videos showing the evil and wickedness of Britain against Biafrans are still available; let the British errand boy hold his peace.

Paul Wright is surely fooling only himself for claiming money and oil is not the reason the British government is solidly behind the Nigeria government. In fact the British errand boy in Nigeria needs mental treatment for even mentioning God in keeping their contraption intact. The creation of Nigeria by Fredrick Lugard and his girlfriend Floral Shaw was basically because of the discovery of crude oil in Biafra Land and was never about the people. The people of Biafra accepted the Christian religion from the British colonial masters without the knowledge that they were more interested in exploiting the natural resources found in most parts of Biafra Land. It is not a surprise that throughout the bombardment and destruction of Biafra Land during the 1967-70 genocide, no oil installment or facility was targeted or bombed because they were owned by British corporations.
Instead; markets, hospitals, refuges shelters, churches and civilian soft spots were targeted and bombed. Paul Wright should bear in his myopic mind that Nigeria is an artificial creation of Fredrick Lugard and will surely disintegrate. Why is the British government warning her citizens from visiting most parts of Nigeria due to insecurity and at the same time “protecting its territorial integrity”? Is the territorial integrity of Britain not also important but the people of Scotland were allowed to have a referendum twice. Such hypocrisy!

I want Paul Wright to understand that these generations of Biafra clamoring for the sovereign restoration of Biafra is better prepared and more determined than the heroes and heroines of 1967-70. If the insolent British High Commissioner has been following events he needs no tales to be told to him about the formidability and resilience of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. We are not unaware of the British government underground fight against the report of Amnesty International which indicted the Nigeria security forces for extra judicial murder and violence against the people of Biafra. The British government is blocking efforts of the international human right watchdog to bring the attention of the global community to the injustice against the people of Biafra by the Nigeria government. Biafrans are also aware of the propagation of fake news and propaganda by the British government for the benefit of the Nigeria government to acquire more weapons in the pretext of fighting against Boko Haram.

Paul Wright’s long stay in Nigeria must have made him lose his civility and has turned him into someone with the reasoning of an animal or else he will not be speaking about the non-negotiability of the unity of Nigeria. As civilized as he is supposed to be, is unity ever forced on people? Why is the British government negotiating and dialoguing with the Scottish representatives? Did the European Union force Britain to remain with the union? I am beginning to believe that Paul Wright is a racist who thinks only those with white skin deserves to exercise their human rights.

The British government is applauding and supporting the killing of unarmed and peaceful Biafrans by the Nigeria security forces during protests and demonstrations. Britain prefers that fellow Christians in Biafra should undergo marginalization and death while it supported the independence of Muslim-majority countries of Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Currently, Britain is actively supporting the secession of Muslim-majority Kosovo and the same time forcing predominantly Christian-Biafra to remain in the Islamic republic of Nigeria. Such wickedness!

Paul Wright has kept blind eyes to the abuse of the rights of Nnamdi Kanu who is also a British citizen but he is busy misinforming and lying to the public that the British Foreign office is providing consular service to the illegally detained IPOB leader. Rather than advice the Nigeria government to obey the court rulings acquitting Nnamdi Kanu, the British consular is devising plans to scuttle the desire of the people of Biafra. The errand boy of the British government in Nigeria should go back to his paymasters and inform them that the people of Biafra have resolved to restore the sovereign state of Biafra or die trying. He should also inform the psychopaths at Number 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London to get ready to perpetrate another round of genocide in Biafra Land. But this time, the British government should be rest assured that the Indigenous People of Biafra will not be forced to surrender until the flag of Biafra is flying as an independent nation.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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