Reportage by Chima Onyekachi - TBP
April 29, 2017

Ifeanyi Chijioke; on hospital bed
A popular Biafran journalist, Ifeanyi Chijioke, was violently attacked into unconsciousness by a group purportedly under the Indigenous People of Biafra. The journalist left his base for Ugwuocha (Port-Harcourt) in company of his cameraman on Friday morning, for a supposed coverage of a meeting involving the Biafra Elders’ Forum, not knowing it was a set-up by those who invited him. The invitation was extended to him by the said group which he accepted because he had a fruitful interaction with the leader during an earlier visit to Ugwuocha.

Giving account of his ordeal, Ifeanyi Chijioke, currently recuperating in an undisclosed hospital spoke as thus: “I got to the venue of the meeting on time with my cameraman with the intention of having a video coverage of the Biafra Elders’ Forum to be transmitted via Biafra Television, I had the cameraman set up the camera but then those I thought were genuine freedom fighters had an ulterior motive against me. “One of the men in the meeting stood up and accused me of impersonating myself, claiming that the leader of IPOB did not give me the permission to cover the event, calling me a scam and all sorts of vulgar names, without allowing me to explain myself, they pounced on me and began to beat me until I lost consciousness.” Ifeanyi Chijioke lost his phones, car key, laptop, all the cash on him and the video camera belonging to IPOB, as the aggressors ran away thinking he was dead. A finding has revealed that the camera man escaped with minor injuries but efforts to speak with him proved abortive as he could not be directly reached.

The coordinator of IPOB Ugwuocha, David Njoku, has described the incident as unfortunate and attributed it to those who do not want to obey the command and control structure of IPOB. He revealed that group has gone about its activities with impunity without recourse to command and control. He decried that a prominent Biafran journalist like Ifeanyi Chijioke will be accused of impersonation and pointed fingers at an in-house instigator who had misinformed the group about the journalist.

This particular group in Ugwuocha has shown that they are a group of vagabonds who prefer gossip rather than reasoning. The brutality of a fellow Biafran without proper investigation is a testament of illiteracy of those leading the group. They acted exactly like the blood-sucking Nigeria security forces without respect for human lives. The perpetrators of this evil against a fellow Biafran must not be trusted in the struggle for the restoration of Biafra because they are feeble-minded and will be easily mislead.  

Biafra Reporters (The Biafra Post) wishes to appreciate those who rushed our journalist, Ifeanyi Chijioke, to the hospital for proper treatment. We are also calling for an intensive investigation over the violent brutality of our journalist. However, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has described the event as unfortunate and promised to bring the aggressors to book.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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