By: Elyn Barata Davila
As: Ada Ora

April 28, 2017

Touching to the flow from the court case on that  April 25, 2017, at Abuja Federal High  Court, the foolish illiterate judge  Binta  Nyako desiring to hide the particular and absolute decision to release  Mazi Nnamdi  Kanu.

It cannot be denied that the hardest thing to hide in this life is to protect the light because it will continue shining wherever you may bring it to hide. And besides,  this Justice  Binta  Nyako never think first the things she provided to our leader to control his freedom by giving inhuman conditions against the law of the nature of man.

God never sleep and continue to guide our leader even how to react to those inhuman and injustice conditions given by  Fulani judge  Binta Nyako over her decision to release  Kanu.
The verdict of the heavens was already finished on that day April 25, 2017,  and our leader should be free that very day, but the zoo really cannot do it due to much fear and being confused.

But as the law of light when it is hardly tried to hide even it be buried under the lowest ground of the earth still it will continue to shine being the light. Our leader looks on the other side of the kind of freedom that the zoo tried to give him. "Slaved freedom" it can be called. But yesterday,  finally the injustice court of the animal zoo can't  anymore suppress the light bearing man Mazi  Nnamdi  Kanu. As  the  law of  truth  justify  the  fact  that "light  is  the only  element  on earth  can not  be hidden" Yesterday   the  zoo bars  of  tyranny  found  it  hard  anymore  and  with  fear  of  their  own  shadow they  made  Kanu absolutely free and the    unconditional  release  was  given  to  our   able  director   who  earlier  chooses  to remain  with his  people than  to  enjoy  fake  freedom  for  a  season.
Today is the final court to be held at  ECOWAS   court.

The evil zoo court of  Abuja was full of confusion over the peaceful  Kanu's  decision to stay remain in prison. The amazing question is: 


And after the smoke was gone  I heard from the rust off our struggle that they were blaming our leader why he not embraces that kind of decision and be free alone. It is a remarkable thing that our leader is really an anointed one from  God and will not decide for himself alone but after  God's  perfect will for the  Biafrans in his every move. But this thing can not be seen by the blind saboteurs of our struggle functioning more dangerous than the common zoo.

Today we must all understand that the essence of light is power! And our leader knows it very well that's  why he remain peaceful even behind that dark conditions. The reason why  God in a perfect time for his peculiar people  God sent  Kanu to bear this light to his unique people of Israel-Afra. We can see how   Mazi  Nnamdi  Kanu serve us well this light and how he fight well to spread the light to all Biafrans even it cost his life and shared rights giving the care to preserve and serve this light as well even inside the bars of oppression. 

Yesterday was finally the result of the reality of light. The injustice verdict wants to control but it can't, and lastly,  it decided to let lose the light, or this light will serve them trouble and confusion being in darkness.

It was a faithful saying that the  Dark always  Fears the LIGHT.

And before everything reaches to ECOWAS  court today, the  Zoo court make a hasty decision yesterday to let lose the light absolutely and unconditionally free.
All hail Biafra! All glory to God!

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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