By Frank Davids | April 27, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader being cheered by Biafrans in court - Abuja
The call came in the middle of a very serious meeting. "The fetters have been broken" was what the caller said. I listened with rapt attention as he told me what had happened. Wow! The gates of Nigeria's hell now has keys. Mazi Nnamdi kanu, the only true Nigerian that was bold enough to tell us the truth, has slipped through the fingers of his oppressors/captors. "Is he out?" I questioned and was told he had been given conditions for bail. Well, if he is bailable, it means it is a battle he fought and won. But why am I elated about this development? Why do I dance more than they?

When Buhari took over from Jonathan, most northerners and northernized Niger Deltans sounded as if an emperor had been enthroned. Truth be told, the man was feared by many a Nigerian, for most of the so-called activists embarked on self-imposed French Leave. Fear gripped Nigerians and their neighbours when Buhari left the shores of this country to tell the world that Nigerians are corrupt. This was an undiplomatic way of instilling fear in Nigerians and other countries that had had relationship with Nigeria for years. May I inform us that no nation exists without some form of corruption? Nations are superior or weak on the basis of the level of corruption they possess.

Buhari, being at sea with what it takes to truly fight corruption, misfired several times and rejuvenated our teething economic problems. His lack of administrative tact was interpreted as hard stance towards corruption, all to the detriment of the economy. Nnamdi Kanu was the lone voice in the wilderness. He screamed on while a lot of us slept and snored out of fear of the Sheriff.

This illustrious son from the East has proven to Nigerians and to the world at large that those who maintain silence in the midst of troubling economic and leadership issues are the real tormentors. When our hero started his onslaught against perceived tyranny, a lot of us were too lily-livered to see beyond the mist. The visionary and proactive Kanu, sensing that his broadcast would end as empty propaganda, brought himself into the net of his targets. When he was apprehended, some myopic and hypnotized Nigerians from all the regions abused him and even swore he would go in for it.

These Nigerians, those that see Nnamdi Kanu as the villain, are the real reason Nigeria is northernized and almost Islamized. The same dolts that praise the oppressor and assail the victim are the ones that inclined a nod to the northernization of federal appointments. In the warped reasoning of these economically jaundiced Nigerians, Buhari remains a misunderstood saviour of Nigeria. Shockingly, no amount of sermon from clerics has sufficed in separating these Nigerians from the apparition called sycophancy.

Unbelievably, Kanu remained the villain even after all his prognostications had come to pass, for the economy had taken a plunge after the 2015 exchange of baton. Kanu, then the anchorman in the UK Radio Biafra, foresaw a Nigeria on the brink of collapse. I remain befuddled that when his prediction became reality, all Nigerians could do was to join Buhari and his co-travelers in blaming the past administration for the present mess. Nigerians are amazing indeed.

Here in Rivers State, some of our brothers and sisters continued to evince baseless apathy for the reinvigorated struggle for the soul of Biafra and Nigeria, by extension. How many of us in Rivers State, and indeed Niger Delta, showed compassion for the travails of this intelligent man? We continued to sing and dance around politicians who use us as tools to be discarded after use. We continued to downplay the struggle that has the potentiality of delivering Nigeria from her oppressors.

The Niger Delta carried on as if the Nigeria we have today is beneficial to them. We could not fathom that the ultimate beneficiaries of the Biafra project is the Niger Delta that has always been the victim of the protracted predatorship. We failed to see that the only way to stop this herdsman called the North from milking us dry is by joining forces with our brothers in the East. We all looked askance while the enemy strove to summarily terminate the life of their captor, for they had failed to incriminate him.

We all watched and remain tacit while they moved from prosecution to persecution, in their bid to shut Kanu up. Kanu, FFK, and Fayose had, together, though working independently, become a bone in the throat of the North. While we remained docile and inert, some northerners, having seen enough of this, decided to speak out. Kanu's illicit incarceration was seen as what it really was: persecution. Its condemnation came from the most unlikely quarters and by the time we knew it, some northerners stopped seeing anything wrong with the IPOB movement.

I salute the bravado of all those that worked assiduously hard to make this day a reality. Hearty cheers to the man of inestimable valour, the hero of our time, the ray of light in a very inky nation - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. You came, you saw, and you most certainly prevailed. Those that died in the course of this struggle will be proud in their graves, for their death is the invisible cause of this victory. It is not over yet, for the struggle has to be taken to various regions that constitute Biafra. It is time to get tactical. It is time to remind others that they are part of this movement. It is time to correct the stories that have the proclivity to divide us. It is time for the town hall meetings, seminars, and symposia. The real goal is to unite the South-East and South-South. Biafrans, I hail thee!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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