By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Reports for TBP
April 8, 2017

Leaving the Court room and being forced to enter a white Bus that conveyed him and his colleagues to the Court; he pleaded for some minutes to address the people that came to the Court for his sake. His face sagged and cursed against smile; like a woman her only child died in her arms, he started his speech “I am a proud Biafran and because I am a Biafran, Nigeria is treating me like this. For 10 years now; they have never allowed me to defend myself, they keep frustrating me and stopping any chance of adjudication. For ten years I have been in prison; it is about one suspension or another, either we are not brought to the Court or they refuse to adjudicate. This is injustice against me and humanity simply because we are Biafrans”

Tears trickled down but he was conscious to hold back and searched for words that would console him “Nigeria has fallen; as for Nigeria, it is over and that is what it is, no matter what they do to me, another man is there to restore Biafra. This Country will be no more in just a matter of time; I did not kill the whole world neither did I contravene any law. Self determination charter backed everything I did in 2007 but Nigeria will be no more very soon” he said to his people while they unceremoniously made way for the security men shouting at the litigants to enter the bus.

While the security men tried to leave with them; he was approached by our reporter who asked him what his fate is at this moment, he quickly responded. “I am a victim of injustice and only Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB can save me from this case of hatred. I am solidly behind Nnamdi Kanu and have already ordered my people to come under IPOB because he would restore Biafra” flaunting his necklace designed with Biafra color and rising sun, he indicated that he would never lose hope. “Nnamdi Kanu is our only hope; the only person that can restore Biafra and free humanity from the strong hands of injustice and pelting hands of hatred. From here; all I do every day is pray for the success of Nnamdi Kanu because the fate of all oppressed people in Biafra lies in his hands” he said before being driven off the Court premises.

The members of Biafra National Guard have vowed to henceforth mount pressure for the adjudication of the matter. “What we are saying is; if Innocent is guilty, let them hear the matter and pronounce it, if he is not guilty, let them hear it and pronounce it. He has been in detention for ten good years now and this matter has not been heard. The Court keep adjourning and adjourning this matter; we are tired of everything and Nigeria. We are tired of the judiciary and tired of the Judge and prosecution; Biafrans are treated like aliens the law binds not.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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