By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
April 8, 2017

As Ikechukwu Okoye Anambra State coordinator of IPOB bowed out; what Biafrans will be praying, is for every officer to be like him or have his kind of mindset. Many Biafrans will proudly say that this is a man worthy of emulation. When his sack came on Radio Biafra; many quickly thought that another problem had struck IPOB Anambra State but it was a smooth change of captain as the ship never lost its sail. He would never be remembered for the accusations against him; but he would be remembered for being the most dedicated coordinator who set the right pace in a time higher officers were on a wrong pace. He made his sacking contribute immensely to the ultimate goal instead of fumbling and he has set a pace for a political ambition after Biafra is restored. I will vote for him in any elective position after Biafra is restored; because he has prepared himself for the real thing while bowing out for the temporary one.

I am a friend of his; out of the whole State coordinators, he is the only one I have sat down with and spent time. Anambra State has been marred by controversies; starting from 30th May till the day he was sacked. I have also exempted myself from his travails; neither positively nor negatively associating myself. On the 30th May issue; I made it very clear that Muhammadu Buhari takes all the blame for deploying soldiers to a rally or procession ground. I also blamed the executive Governor of Anambra State; Willie Obiano who assisted security operatives in providing information. Whatsoever happened on 30th May is clearly a well coordinated genocide by the Nigerian government and nobody takes the blame except the President that commands the soldiers and Obiano who is the chief security officer in Anambra.

I was approached after 30th May Nkpor massacre and I received numerous reports indicting former Anambra State coordinator. I always accepted the reports but due to they are lacking in evidence and not from trusted sources, I refused to give it my time. I was on the battlefield with my colleague Chima Onyekachi, we practically watched Biafrans fall but could not digitally record the act because we were also running for our dear lives. We saw death and how it all happened; I had to disappoint people that wanted me to write on the flaws and suspicions of the event. The Government of Nigeria takes all the blame.

Anambra State seems divided while pro-Ikechukwu preach his formidability and whiter than white life; anti-Ikechukwu tell stories of how he sold out Biafrans on 30th May and how he is planning to sabotage Biafrans by handing them over to Obiano. The coordinator is not a talking type which has so much affected him; he could neither defend himself nor attack his accusers. Radio Biafra approached the issue wisely but another happened and his sacking was announced on Radio Biafra.

While there was relief and what could be described as happiness to some; bitterness was left for his supporters. I was categorically informed that opponents have won and that could pose threat to the stability of Anambra IPOB. A meeting was scheduled with Ikechukwu the day he was suspended but also had to terminate the meeting. While we were waiting for the worst; he issued a statement urging the people of Anambra State to stay focused and accept his sacking. He made it very clear that the ultimate goal is more than whatsoever anybody feels or thinks.

In Anambra State; the anti- Ikechukwu and all that thought his sacking was a victory were shocked; he suddenly became a hero, lastly winning the fight by stabilizing the State. He has shown that he is more a Biafran than even most of his counterparts wanting his exit. He has shown that he has Biafra at heart more than those of you running round and round in a circle. He might not have given money; given gold or fought Muhammadu Buhari but he has become a leader worthy of emulation. The people of Biafra will now look back now and say; maybe this coordinator is the most dedicated coordinator in Biafra land. The things done in a position of authority is not always what matters; what matters is what you will be remembered for. Some will be remembered for opposing Biafra restoration or destroying it because they were removed to the benefit of the struggle.

The approach made by Ikechukwu Okoye towards his sacking can be defined as formidability and loyalty. Biafra is a spirit and a divine project; everyone must not help the restoration of Biafra from a point of leadership. Restoration of Biafra is a divine project handed unto a particular man but after his divine service, politics can take place. Ikechukwu might have been removed but he facilitated it to positively touch the struggle which is a very rare thing that brings him to the class of a hero. He made his sacking a positive one by humbly declaring that the restoration of Biafra is beyond his ambition. He may come back after Biafra is restored to seek elective position and the people of Biafra will look back and say, he was a hero during their trying time.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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