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March 13, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
Uchenna Mmadu in a summit chaired by Dr Dozie Ikedife in Nnewi has said that he can delete MASSOB hence all pro-Biafra groups can come under one central command as IPOB has always believed in Nnamdi Kanu. While speaking; he emphasized on the personality of Nnamdi Kanu and what IPOB under his leadership has achieved and equaled it to none- indicating that joining hands with Nnamdi Kanu is the message he has.

Since Uwazurike was expelled from MASSOB as a result of sabotage, Mazi Mmadu has on numerous occasions made it clear that Nnamdi Kanu needs every support as one truly championing Biafra restoration. He also called on other groups to eschew differences and understand that there is a man who drives Biafra restoration all over the world and must be given the edge. “Uchenna Mmadu’s positive approach is what others need; anybody that truly wants Biafra to be restored must listen and positively work with IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu under a central command” a participant from Ibusa added.

The groups that were represented or attended the summit are:- Eastern People Assembly, MASSOB, Afra Descendants, Billie Human Rights. There was no official representative from IPOB; although a report has it that Nnamdi Kanu was aware of the Meeting. Speaking in the summit; Uchenna Mmadu noted that unity must be built around Nnamdi Kanu because he is now the symbolic figure of Biafra due to the wonderful efforts of the people of Biafra under his watch.

The organizers of the meeting pleaded that the reason for inviting different groups is to look for a way forward for all to come under one banner. Biafra Reporters reporting for The Biafra Post could not identify with the chairman of the meeting as at press time to ascertain his blue print as many were of the belief that Nnamdi Kanu has already united the people of Biafra. Speaking to Biafra Reporters after the meeting; a participant said “Biafrans are IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu; MASSOB has members but other groups have no members but operate on executive level, so what front are we talking about, are Biafrans divided or some figures want recognition under IPOB?

Many critics have said the move by some people to talk about launching a united front while IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu has naturally united the entire people of Biafra is uncalled for. A high profile representative who doesn’t want his name in print bitterly complained why such meeting should hold without the presence of Nnamdi Kanu who is championing the cause or an official representative. He noted that instead of wasting time; let all stand behind Nnamdi Kanu and when he is out from detention; he can lead the harmonization plan because he alone controls Biafrans. “We must admit the fact that Nnamdi Kanu has won the heart of the people of Biafra with; sacrifices, media and awareness” one Mr Frank added.

According to Uchenna Mmadu; “Nnamdi Kanu is the most loved Biafra man and that is the reality we must accept and IPOB is doing wonderfully well to restore Biafra. I will not deny the fact that Nnamdi is a house hold name in this Biafra agitation because of anything. We must go back and start afresh; I am ready to delete MASSOB if only we agree on one common name ‘Biafra’

The Biafra Post learnt that such meeting was held in Ghana in 2016 but did not yield any visible result; though Uchenna Mmadu claimed there was some result. But looking at it, if there was a result; organizing fresh meeting to addressing same issue that was the purpose of the meeting in Ghana is entirely contradictory.

When asked the effect of Nnamdi Kanu’s absence; Uchenna Mmadu quickly noted that it would be hard to unite outside Nnamdi Kanu as he is the symbol all can unite under. He further noted that henceforth; the entire pro-Biafra groups will start to show solidarity with Nnamdi Kanu. “In the next Court; a lot of people will come in solidarity with him; he is a son to smany people”.

Many observers have noted that the meeting was organized in error as Nnamdi Kanu has established a united front (IPOB) everybody can take advantage of and restore Biafra. They are of the opinion that going back to forming new united front will be detrimental to everything achieved so far. “Instead of this action; everybody should come together and fight with Nnamdi Kanu, demand and fight for freedom which is freedom for all Biafrans incarcerated. The issue of Nnamdi Kanu has gone beyond him; it touches every other person suffering any form of injustice. Nigeria had declared in her law Court that IPOB is now a lawful society; it means entire Biafra. There is agitation for the restoration of Biafra which Nnamdi Kanu represents and everybody should put heads together and when we get to the bridge (united front) IPOB will harmonize”

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