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March 14, 2017

The just concluded verdict reached upon by Justice Binta Nyako should have signalled to the Nigeria ruling class that their bogus charges against the Indigenous people of Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu lack merit to stand in the face of justice; the verdict exposed Nigeria beyond recognition that the rants from the presidency to keep holding Nnamdi Kanu and others within the confinement of Nigeria prisons is unconstitutional.

Major General Mohammadu Buhari failed to understand the United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous people was meant to correct the sudden invasion of Africa by the earlier colonial merchants who created countries; forcing her indigenous people to bear a new name and their natural boundaries balkanized.

How could a sane mind misconstrue self determination to mean committing treasonable felony; and the indigenous people becoming unlawful society in their God-given land. For retired Major General Mohammadu Buhari to have declared the Indigenous people of Biafra an unlawful society means that he lacks the basic knowledge of what self-determination is all about; how on earth can a people become unlawful or illegal in their land that the earlier colonial merchants met them.

The amalgamation of Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafra had corroborated with the findings that Nigeria was not organically formed; which the right to self determination tends to address; This article tends to educate mostly the military who are hell bent to molesting and intimidating innocent individuals at all time. The problem with the Nigerian political class which encompasses both the military is as a result of quack or half baked academic background that made them to cook out all manner of rubbish and feed to their citizens.

Nigeria as we speak is not a sane society; it is in Nigeria that their politicians loot the future of their country away and stashed them away in European and American banks; while some use their own gain of the loot to buy exotic mansions outside the shores of Nigeria. Every sane society will ask questions if these politicians are business men and women that they live such a lavish lifestyle. It's unfortunate to note that these ill-gotten wealths are been stolen from the coffers of the state they were mandated to serve.

The root of corruption in Nigeria started with the military government of Nigeria; history has it that from 1967, 1975-2017 these set of men has turned themselves into savages thereby preying on the people they are meant to protect their lives and properties. In reality Nigeria gifted herself to be an unlawful society where the power mongers don't obey court orders; where the government security apparatus engage in kidnapping of her citizens, extra judicial killings and forceful disappearance of her citizens as well. An enclave where these happen could be seen in all honesty as a lawful society.

Nigeria in her timidity promotes ethno-religious killings of her indigenous people which as a result triggered the Indigenous people of Biafra to seek for her liberation by invoking the right to self determination which is a universal right to all. Going by the law that mandated the indigenous people to exist, it is now evident that retired Major General Mohammadu Buhari has no legal authority of any kind to hold IPOB at gun point to bear the name Nigeria as forcing it on them will amount to a state of lawlessness.

Nigeria is a country of savages. This could be confirmed following the utterances of the Chief of Army Staff; Major General Brutai threatening IPOB after the ruling of Justice Binta Nyako pronouncing it as a lawful society. Is such a man above the constituted laws of the land? Is General Brutai laying emphasis that he will continue to kill IPOB members at gun point no matter whatever verdict the court ruled upon?

Major General Brutai's innuendo remarks about IPOB after a law court declared it a lawful society which has dismantled every negative notion prescribed on it should be arrested and subject to face the law. This General has committed crime against humanity; he effectively killed members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria known as Shiite Muslims; he ordered for IPOB members to be killed which should have warranted his arrest and prosecution at the International Criminal Court of Justice.

Major General Brutai failed to come to reality with knowledge that an unlawful society is not allowed or recognized by law, and thereby making her activities illegal. In view of the latest judgement, a question to ask Justice Binta Nyako is; what is still keeping Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison? For Justice Binta Nyako to have set IPOB free then Nnamdi Kanu needs his freedom and that of Biafra which is a lawful and legal society by law.

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