BIAFRA: We Shall Fight Alongside Nnamdi Kanu If The Case Arises Because We Won’t Allow Muslims To Use Us Again Against Our Brothers In Faith Any Longer - Nasarawa State Indigens

By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 31, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
En-route to Imo State last two weeks; my phone rang and I answered but was very shocked to hear a male voice with Northern accent. I waited to hear what he had to say as I was already moved to inform him he might have called a wrong number. All my life; I have never been to Northern Nigeria and neither have I any business with anybody from the North. The caller who identified himself as Emmanuel said he is from the North (Middle belt) and would want to see me. I was a bit confused why he wants to see me and then I asked him to hang his call that I will call back later.

I called back in the night- after refreshment and when I was about to go to bed; I needed that time to calm my nerves and observe keenly what his mission was all about. I asked how he got my number and he said he has been looking for the people of Biafra to convey a message his people sent through him. He further disclosed that he has been talking with members of IPOB in Delta State where he normally does business. He clearly told me that he was informed that I can pass his passage to the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and that is the reason he called; to know where he can see me because it was not a message that can be discussed over the phone.

I quickly told him to calm down that I would make arrangement for him to meet me; I called a close friend in Delta State and sent the caller’s number to him, I told him to meet him and know what his plan is and why he wanted to meet me. My friend met him and called back next two days; the caller was real and I scheduled the meeting in another State and he came. His message was clear and direct as he pleaded for privacy because his father is a village head and popular figure. Then he began:

“We are not Muslims but Christians and we have been suffering so much in the hands of Muslims; our blood spilled on daily basis and today we defend ourselves because even the government is the very Boko Haram in question. We voted APGA in the previous State election and APGA won but they rigged in a Muslim because APGA fielded a Christian candidate. We are not Hausa/Fulani as the 'East' thinks, we are very much different and this is why I have come to you. The people of Biafra must know that we share the same religious value and have respect for human life unlike Hausa/Fulani; they are very wicked and bloodthirsty wild creatures.

“We are highly in support of Biafra but Nnamdi Kanu and the people of Biafra should make Biafra a Christian asylum. Biafra must be beyond a nation to save the people of God on earth; when Biafra comes and Christians finally have asylum in Africa; when Muslims look for who to kill and they didn’t see, they would either kill themselves or stop killing. We Christians are being killed on daily basis because we are here with them. Go to Nasarawa and you will see what they have done to us; they invade our land, destroy and take away everything. They Islamize a few of us and ensure that they use them against us; but today, the eyes of our people are opening to what they are doing. Today; the Church in my village has made it clear that anyone seen associating with a Muslim is excommunicated. I am speaking on behalf of our people that sent me; we love Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra and today tell him to know Biafra is asylum - let Biafra be a Christian asylum.

“We are not lucky to be in the East but cannot associate with those wild horses called Hausa/Fulani; our people were not Muslims, they came and forced us into Islam and we have realized our selves today. They brought over 2500 Boko Haram to our towns to massacre us but we stood them and made a statement that our God is greater than their god. When we were little; our parents made it clear to us that we are not of same value system with Muslims and cannot be together with them. Jonathan won his re-election bid in our State and this is a clear message of whom we are or what we want. We are not Biafrans but Nnamdi Kanu should know that Biafra is for all Christians in Nigeria and Africa at large.

“We shall fight alongside Nnamdi Kanu if the case arises because we won’t allow Muslims to use us against our brothers any longer. Yes; we are not Biafrans but we are brothers in Christ Jesus, Biafra is a case for Nigerian Christians and African Christians at large. There is killing here and there simply because they have some Christians to kill and when they look around and find only Muslims with them, they won’t kill again and everything will be ok. My people brought us here to deliver this message and draw to the consciousness of Biafrans that Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of Christians and not only Biafra nation”

He emphatically said to me in what could be described as priority case; watching the young man with his people; I promised them that their message will reach the people of Biafra. I looked at their frightful eyes; and they were so afraid of being jettisoned.

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