By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 7, 2017

Gen. Emeka Ojukwu
In an exclusive report obtained by The Biafra Post, it was confirmed that His Excellency late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu backed and openly rooted for "Biafra Restoration" efforts. The report further indicated that Ojukwu was not happy with the outcome of the war and needed a capable hand that will lead the people of Biafra due to his aging body.

The source who spoke to The Biafra Post opined that Ojukwu must have regretted that he never saw his reincarnation in the form of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu before his demise. Continuing he said that Ojukwu spent millions of Naira trying to see if he could raise someone like him that would fight and restore Biafra even if it would take another civil war. “I would fight if my body allows me but even though; my heart and soul will fight” he quoted as Ojukwu would always say.

'‘He continued to regret the outcome of the war; he still nurses payback and had been praying for a fearless man that would lead the people of Biafra, the report said. Explaining further; the report said that Ojukwu had spent millions of Naira on Biafra restoration and by the time Uwazurike was arrested and released; Ojukwu lost hope in his ability to restore Biafra after seeing his double standard and insincere approach to the agitation.

Since after the civil war; Ojukwu has not failed to keep advocating for Biafra, unlike many that would fearfully hands off, he was strongly looking for another leader of his category. A leader that is ready to show more than words and make things happen. ‘Ojukwu needed somebody that can lead a battle; stays in front and fights like a man.

“When His Excellency was rigged out of the senatorial election he vied; it became clearer to him that Nigeria is still very much fighting against Biafra. He would not speak to the public but would always tell me that Biafra is the only solution to the plight of our people. He could not believe that he could lose an election if really the civil war has been settled and addressed” A different high ranking source said on a classified condition.

Going further; he had it that Ojukwu always frowned at; of the rate Biafrans in Ebonyi State were significantly being islamized and building of Mosques was a strategic move to islamize Biafra land. People in Ebonyi were already converting to Islam and financial support and governmental recommendations were given to those that converted and so islamization was visible. If building of Mosques are allowed to flourish; like a cancer, the whole of Biafra land will be affected’.

To avoid the trogan horse spreading, the report furthered that he advised to guard against the islamization of Biafraland via the back door; and to double effort towards the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra as that will be the only remedy. When asked if he welcomed a second effort for Biafra to be restored, he replied "All I want is anybody that can do something- result oriented; I will strongly be behind the person. Biafra needs somebody that can do something; anything, be it unrest, etc for the purpose of Biafra restoration; the report noted.

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