Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi| Writes for TBP
March 25, 2017

The sudden introduction of sharia law in a court case which is solely grounded and founded on common law practices is an affront to the judicature systems of the
Commonwealth countries; there is an urgent need for Commonwealth countries to write to the attorney general of the Nigerian State over this ill observed notion ushered in by Justice Binta Nyako in her court room.

This ill mannered Judge in her boastfulness said " her stand on sharia law to this case must stand" and then she urged the defendants' legal team to go and get knowledge of sharia law practices which will be her basis of determining the outcome of this frivolous allegations by the Islamic govt of Nigeria to incriminate Nnamdi Kanu and others so as to subject them to Islamic punishments. What Justice Binta Nyako exercised in her court room on the 20th of March 2017 could best be described as unprofessional judicial ethics of common law.

The impeccable character of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB that he commands should not be mistaken for cowardice hence Biafran people want the rule of common law to determine this charges. The sudden introduction of sharia law process into this case demands that we employ eagle eyes to checkmate the hidden agenda behind this sudden move by Justice Binta Nyako.

First critical analysis to bring to mind is; Nnamdi Kanu is not a Muslim by religious view and all his life has never practiced sharia law as it is effectively used by people of that faith. So whatever excuse that Justice Binta Nyako and tyrant Mohammadu Buhari might give to cover up their dirty secret or to deceive the general public that the Federal government witness(es) against Nnamdi Kanu should be masked or screen protected to warrant her introduce sharia law will not stand therefo we call for her resignation from this case.

Discernible minds should condemn Justice Binta Nyako's actions and inactions to kill Nnamdi Kanu in secret by passing out a cover-up judgement in favour of Mohammadu Buhari against Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants. This move to use sharia to determine this case is unacceptable to us whether it is deliberate or not. Somebody should help Justice Binta Nyako to see clearly that we are not frightened in any form.

The people of Biafra is hereby sending a strong warning to this loose canon of a Judge of sharia law that this her unholy move will not stifle the demand for a sovereign state of Biafra from Nigeria. Her resolution so far has indicated that Nigeria is now a pure Islamic state under a despotic ruler.

The surge in Justice Binta Nyako's contradictory stand on this case is unknown in any advanced Commonwealth countries; hypocritical Nigeria claimed to be a secular state where religion and faith will not be used as a measure against an individual in a court of law rather the use exhibits to prove if the accused is guilty or not has mocked her constitution which uphold this norm. For this, it beats our collective thinking what kind of judiciary do Nigeria legitimize which permits sharia law.

Justice Binta Nyako intolerance to seek for genuine reasons from IPOB's legal team has no place in the modern society pertaining to judicial processes; her vile approach to this case should be condemned and consign to the mediaeval times. It is absolutely disheartened that Justice Binta Nyako wants to uphold Islamic law over the founded secular state of Nigeria that her constitution uphold in a strong term. This move by her is an act of suppression of critics since it is been observed that the federal government's legal team has no meaningful exhibits to indict or incriminate Nnamdi Kanu and others.

This act alone is also a move by Justice Binta Nyako to silence the accused who are vocal in this trial in other to enthrone sharia law in the Nigeria judiciary.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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