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WEEKLY DIGEST; Feb 12 2017 Edition
The wife of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Uchechi Kanu has said that her husband’s obsession for Biafra is scary to the point he has publicly vowed to sacrifice her and the family if that would restore Biafra. This is a clear message that his incarceration is pure waste of time as to addressing Biafra is the key to saving the day. A man over 70million people are ready to die for should not be toyed with.

There is every indication that the new terrorist group reportedly to start attacking Prisons and banks is part of Muhammadu Buhari’s plans to kill Nnamdi Kanu and Islamize this contraption called Nigeria. Heaven will fall as nobody will be able to bear the aggression from Biafrans; Biafrans will aggressively revenge and will never stop revenging until the end of the world.

The high-flying death rumor surrounding Muhammadu Buhari medical vacation continues to dominate the internet and every space on social media. While reports of his coming back continue to discredit some news syndicates; it is very clear that nobody knows what is happening to their President and many others. We have chosen to keep silent and continue to look for evidence but whatsoever the case maybe; the President of Nigeria is in one big almighty mess. Inability to make a public appearance to calm nerves and handle all the rumors shows there is definitely something being kept away from the public.

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka shocked the world when he said that he would lead an agitation he formerly termed evil. But his evil plans failed not to leave its dwelling place when he said corrupt politicians should take over a holy nation like Biafra. He is simply lost and confused; doesn’t know where to start.

APC chieftains were said to have visited Buhari in London but the public is still disinclined; this drama is becoming interesting and it questions the mindset of the APC. If Buhari can receive Tinibu and Akande, then he can equally receive a BBC reporter there in London.

Nwodo; new Ohanaeze Chairman continues to show signs of support to Indigenous People of Biafra without a credible move to approach their leader and work towards his release which is the paramount thing brothering the people. People have formed habit of taking advantage of the people and betray them when achieved.

Okafor shouting that people joining APC are betraying the Igbo cause is also in delusion; what is Igbo, a part of a whole. The young man should think of Biafra and end Igbo stupidity; Biafra restoration is our focus and not politics.

Osinbanjo in the week revealed what he termed Buhari’s Niger Delta vision; it has been proven that the only vision is the oil. When promises fail; they deploy the military to our land and all these are for the oil. There is no vision whatsoever because right from time; hatred is all they have been giving and will continue to give.

New terrorist group to emerge; Nigeria is dead and gone, while Muhammadu Buhari continues to deceive the world that he is fighting terrorism, he is setting up new ones all in the name of Islamization. I wonder the rationale behind expecting Buhari to address or stop a group targeting to spread Islam which he had previously backed.

IPOB’s operation embassy in Spain is a step in the right direction; there is no stopping until Biafra is restored and whatsoever steps in our way is decimated. Primate Ayodele has once said that Biafra is not a joke and by surprise we will take our nation.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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