By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 10, 2017

2face Idibia
The protest was dropped after controversies and that was a nice one; it is therefore imperative that 2face come back home and know what his people want. An Igbo speaking part of Biafra’s adage says “Oyi ga ana mana nwanne ama nnaa” friends will go but brothers will never go. @2face might stay in Lagos with his fans and friends urging him to do one thing or another but when a hurricane comes; they would desert him and IPOB will be there for him. Now there is a fair weather; it will be wise for him to come back home and know what is going on with his people, set his home in order before any other thing. His people cannot be dying while he protest to save that same Nigeria killing his people; his people cannot be fighting Nigeria and he is saving Nigeria, that is disconnect. There is no golden pen but pen of disgrace had the protest happened with him in the front. That will definitely amount to antagonizing Nnamdi Kanu; if he wants a fight, he should fight alongside our hero-Nnamdi Kanu. The problem Nigeria has is not any government but the establishment itself; only when Nigeria is dismantled can everyone see light.

I have come to a simple conclusion after few months of learning from the best or rather most enlightened platform on earth- Radio Biafra. And that is- any day you withdraw self-criticism; you start being thoughtless and stagnant. Most people came to a certain horizon and stopped being critical of theirselves; for me, I keep criticizing myself without limit. You wouldn’t know the good you are doing yourself by being critical of yourself until you ask that very man that has been astonishingly looking at how outstanding you are.

It does happen to me; I would always talk less and observe, criticize every single thing I wrote/report and at the end I find myself in a position of ‘outstanding’ tag. 2face Idibia has failed that magic; he can’t conjure it nor has he the charisma. Had he been one always critical of himself; he would take time and access  every of his positions. Ask himself; this protest for a better Nigeria, what will it give, what will my people talk, how will it help my people, are my people with me and what will it likely result to? If 2Face Idibia was critical of himself, he would realize that his people are no longer talking about Nigeria; he would realize that his people are not with him, he would realize that the only way to touch lives of the common is by dismantling the fraud called Nigeria. He would finally know that there is nothing in life; no amount of protest can change Nigeria but another political party will take advantage of that to start from where the other stopped or even worsen it.

I disagree with anyone that feels 2face would have written his name with a golden pen; he would have rather disgraced and drew a line between him and his people. He clearly noted that his move is not about tribe; lack of self-criticism made him forgot that tribalism is an institutionalized thing in Nigeria.  He would have known that as he is taking a liberal stance; 19 Northern governors are discussing how their tribe will be fine in absence of others. He would have known that Yorubas are on their own and discussing  the way forward. Division is something you cannot claim not to exist in Nigeria; he would have also known that Northern musicians are already exempting theirselves. Tribe is one of the things to put first in Nigeria and he would have known that with self-criticism.

To suddenly decide to protest when his entire people are talking about going back home to build their God-given nation shows we have lost 2Face. To stand to protest for Nigeria when Nigeria is killing his kin and kiths shows we have lost our own. To start talking about protest when he should be questioning the unlawful incarceration of his brother-Nnamdi Kanu shows we have lost him. To protest for Nigeria when his people are protesting against Nigeria shows he is a hermit; he has lost the link with his home. To protest for Nigeria and raising Nigerian flag while his people are murdered on daily basis by Nigeria simply shows a guy lost forever. Will protesting against his people amount to writing his name with a golden pen? While his people are protesting to kill Nigeria that have been killling them since 1945; he is protesting to save Nigeria, is that writing a name with a golden pen?

I hold nothing against 2face Idibia but it is really odd to jump into a political affair without proper teaching. As a musician and going into political activism; it would be wise to go back to history and come close to your people. Charity begins at home; there is no way Biafra can be in turmoil and he is out there saving Nigeria. We set our home in order before going out there for other people and that is how it should be. I would have loved to see the protest; let me see how Hausas and Yorubas would join him in protesting. I would have loved to see the so-called national protest to save a dead Nigeria; for how long will they protest and things get even worse?

We told Aguinyi Ironsi never to travel to the North or West; but he was not conscious of tribalism while every other person was conscious and he died a wise-fool. 2face should please spare me that shit and start to look towards home. If he is hungry to protest; he should join the protest for the future of his people which is Biafra. He should join the protest against injustice metted on his people; which Nnamdi Kanu represents.

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