By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 8, 2017

The upcoming Anambra State governorship election might never be like any Nigerian election and any candidate likely to be assigned or appointed the governor of the State; the first of its kind in history of Nigeria. Since the democratic dispensation practiced by Nigeria; there has never been a time electorates massively boycotted election. 2015 election came with a low turnout in various States of Biafra but that was when Biafra has not taken the shape Nnamdi Kanu’s continued detention gave it. Although, IPOB was yet settling in Biafra and the sensitization of the people has not assimilated.

Alighting the commercial bus I boarded from Porthacourt; a good friend of mine was telling me about party registration going on in Anambra State, he doesn’t know my profession or that I am a Biafra journalist. He was so free because he was giving me an opportunity to make money; he wanted me to mobilize for APC. I kept quiet and was coy; then I smartly asked him if there would really be election in Anambra State, he said why not? That was when the very moment people joined our discussion, as a very good old friend, we have worked in various States, so we understood each other.

The people around watched without words until I showed indication of support for IPOB; they all sprang from their shells against my very good friend who could not stand them. “Come out for election and whatsoever you see; you take it, it seems you are not in Biafra, you don’t know what is happening. There would be no election in Anambra State; Obiano can continue to rule, if you come out to vote, you are plainly telling us that you are not for Biafra and Biafrans will deal with saboteurs"

This echoed that my friend had to lower his voice; his persuasive eyes fixed on me and telling that the people saying there would be no election does not know business. One thing that took us by surprise was that 99% of people right there posited that there won’t be election and not only did they vow not to vote but anybody that votes will pay dearly for it. With the seriousness in every single one of them; ready to attack my friend should he talk further about election. Then the driver conveying me added his voice before zooming off “Are you Hausa/Fulani blood; a true Biafran has nothing to do with Nigerian election”

A survey conducted on the issue clearly shows there won’t be election while campaign is likely to be successful.  There is a raging argument over what will happen when the election is boycotted, two third of Biafrans believe that Obiano will continue due to non-participation of the people of Biafra or appointment made for Anambra while one third is of the opinion that Obiano should be voted out of power because he oversaw the killing of innocent people of Biafra. Largely; everybody is waiting for Radio Biafra to issue order on what should be done but many anticipated total boycott.

Speaking on the issue; an aged man who identified as Mr Okechukwu said, “I won’t make mistake of not taking their money; Andy Uba is coming to visit our group next week and if he brings money, we will take. I am repeating myself; I will collect their money but if you see me cast a vote or come out on the day of election, may I die that same day” he vowed. He further stressed that he has been fully engaged with elections and casting his vote but come this governorship election, he would stay at home because he has nothing to do with Nigeria any longer.

Annoyed at some views; another contributor who shouted than address the question of the upcoming election declared “We have nothing to do with Nigeria and their election; we have nothing to do with their money but all we want is Biafra. Nobody will vote because voting is declaring one Nigeria; we have one thing that is our problem, Biafra is our problem. Obiano can continue as governor or APC can change him; we want Biafra and nothing more”

A graduate of UNN who doesn’t want his name in print shared- his view “I do not think boycotting election will be the best option; we must avoid APC taking Anambra State; we seriously need to sit down and discuss what we want. Obiano is killing our people; APC will likely kill and PDP is embroiled in one problem or another. What do we do; we seriously need to make sure the electorates take a good decision that would foster the restoration of Biafra”

“As for me; voting means one Nigeria and we don’t want such thing, whoever becomes governor of Anambra State cannot stop Biafra restoration. Election can hold but Nigeria should be rest assured that nothing concern Biafrans with their elections. Biafra is everything we need and this is the last fight; my message to Biafrans is, we must force them to write their results because we won’t vote. Everybody should rest and prepare to vote for Biafra - Referendum and not vote for governorship.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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