By Ifeanyi Chijioke & Chima Onyekachi
Writer/Reporter for TBP - February 1, 2017

Raphael Uwazurike
Kidnapping is quite strange in Biafra until Niger Delta militants out of frustration started kidnapping to raise funds and fight the government of Nigeria who suck oil without constraint or cleaning the environment they use. The misguided agitation for resource control instead of autonomy ensured prevalence of kidnapping that later became the order of the day in the river line or hinter part of Biafra. At least; the agitators in that part of Biafra used the money they gained from kidnapping to acquire arms and other incentives to ensure the war against the federal government is executed.

In the Upland part of Biafra dominated by Igbo speaking Biafrans and called South East by the agents of division; Uwazurike had his own agitators called MASSOB. Though MASSOB and militants share different vision, this goes to show the visionless aspect of both, they cannot define their varying mission. Unlike today Nnamdi Kanu united everybody under IPOB, Militants fight for sovereignty as well as the entire people of Biafra; but the then MASSOB was a selfish establishment with ulterior motive.

Only the hinterland part of Biafra recorded kidnapping of oil workers and foreigners and the kidnappers were praised for their select targets by the Indigenous people. The upland part of Biafra- South East knew nothing like kidnapping until suddenly; kidnapping was introduced and that became the order of the day. Kidnapping took prominence that people were kidnapped and Two Hundred Thousand Naira is demanded as ransom.

The most disturbing aspect of this kidnapping was that instead of targeting foreigners and oil workers in Anambra, Imo and Abia, the kidnappers targeted business men and wealthy indigenous people of Biafra. Kidnapping claimed the lives of hundreds of Biafran youths and innocent people accused in error; the military, SARS, and Special Forces were deployed to Southeast to combat what was described as rampaging menace of kidnapping.

Sources have disclosed to Biafra Reporters how kidnapping started; the motive and agreement upon which kidnapping began in that part of Biafra. The sources who spoke to Biafra Reporters disclosed how Uwazurike spearheaded the menace and later betrayed the agreement. The sources gave account of victims which we shall make open in subsequent release. The report states_

“First of all; we are freedom fighters as MASSOB members and officers and we needed money to execute a lot of things. The money being contributed cannot acquire arms for MASSOB because of insincerity. Let me focus on our main discussion and later we talk about finance. So, that was what brought about kidnapping, MASSOB needed to raise money and the only way possible to raise enough is by getting wealthy Biafrans and they pay ransom which will enter into the purse of MASSOB for arms.

Uwazurike brought this idea to MASSOB and he convinced Innocent Orji who was director of security as at that period. Uwazurike organized boys through Innocent Orji; MASSOBians were convinced that the reason we go into kidnapping was because we wanted to buy arms and fight Nigerian government if we are not given Biafra. Everybody accepted this with great heart; we hailed Uwazurike for such idea and our boys got themselves prepared in any way possible for the task.

Uwazurike made it clear that MASSOB shall only kidnap wealthy men and they pay for the arms before being released. He also strictly directed that the kidnapping should never be associated with MASSOB as it is a special duty. He again said that no victim should be killed but once the money is paid and he receives it; the person should be freed. “These wealthy men that eat Nigerian money without considering us fighting for them must be taxed” that was his mantra. Our boys and everyone thought it was from his heart; Innocent Orji drafted our boys and kidnapping began for acquisition of arms.

Uwazurike receives ransom while the boys do the job; we continued until we realized that the money was not going as we all agreed. That was where problem came in and before we knew what was happening; we can no longer control the boys or stop them from kidnapping. The arms Uwazurike provided was with the boys and that was how kidnapping escalated. Uwazurike found out that the boys are no longer loyal to him; he recruited his own personal boys and kidnapping became a business in MASOB.

Ezu river victims are MASSOBians drafted for the kidnapping to raise money for arms; problem broke out because the money was not being accounted for. Innocent Orji got angry; he is now in prison and I will tell you everything that happened and why he is in prison. Uwazurike killed too many MASSOBians and conspired to imprison a lot of MASSOBians as well. We will give account of everything; we will give details of Ezu River and the case of Innocent Orji. Innocent Orji was a dedicated freedom fighter but Uwazurike framed him up because he saw that Innocent was mean to end corruption in MASSOB”

Stay on The Biafra Post as Biafra Reporters ensure total decimation of Uwazurike with truth; there is no other weapon the great Nnamdi Kanu has if not truth and being whiter than white. Lebeanya Ralph Uwazurike will regret ever fighting Bafra restoration under Nnamdi Kanu. He might have fought others and destroyed efforts to restore Biafra but it is clear that the time has come for Biafra restoration and no man born of a woman can stop it.

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