By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 13, 2017

Buhari; a tyrant; always a tyrant
On 8th February 2016; I received a call from now detained Chidiebere Onwudiwe who informed me that representatives of International community will be storming Nigeria and they would come down to Biafra land. He clearly stated that they want to speak to IPOB and he is not disposed to talk with them, he wants me to meet them and report back to him. The order was straight and my contact was forwarded to the contact head of the representatives.

On the 9th of February; I received a call from a man who identified himself as the contact head of the representatives that came to Nigeria (Name withheld), he said that they want to meet me and I said alright; book your hotel, keep me updated once you land and I will be with you people. The hotel was booked in Anambra State (Venue withheld) and I had to travel down to the State. While I updated the now detained National leader of IPOB in Biafra Land, my mind was more on what the visit could be all about.

I walked into the hotel I was called to come but prior to that; I had sent an aide to wait for them should I arrive late and that was done. While my aide was with the representatives in the conference hall of the hotel; I walked in and at the reception, I saw two cooperate security details and I was ushered into the conference hall. Exchanged greetings and they strongly pleaded for anonymity, no pictures and no recordings but I broke latter and our discussion began; we shared a lot of things but roughly debated some. I am on-ground and there was no how I would accept something they read on the pages of fake Nigerian news syndicates.

I would ensure truth is established with facts and figures; watching helplessly at my arrogant disposition and the inquisitiveness to clear any opposing stance; they were convinced that unless we all agree on truth, nothing would be recorded. The worst was put on me that the Niger Deltans are talking about clean-up and not Biafra which I asked who is Asari Dokubo?

Our two hours discussion that was properly recorded after all their efforts to make sure that nothing was recorded came to an end; but before the conclusion; the two high representatives emphasized on a particular thing. “You must tell your people not to carry arms; not to engage in self-defense because we are coming in” the female representative said in a mild motherly tone. I was brimming with hope that they would caution Nigerian Government or promptly address the agitation to avert the sustained bloodshed, one year later, nothing has happened and I strongly oppose this unabated genocide going on in Biafra.

I strongly feel there is need to defend ourselves because waiting seems like the time will never come. Biafrans are murdered everyday and everybody is looking on; without uttering even a word of condemnation. Yesterday was a black Sunday, our people were massacred in Asaba and this is how we continue to experience genocide; we are killed in peaceful protest and we are killed in our homes even when we gather to pray. How long shall this go on; is this not becoming a culture?

I reported back to Chidiebere Onwudiwe on behalf of IPOB and emphasized on the need to embrace peace and avoid self defense but for this massacre that is occurring even in our homes and worship centers, I compromise and say “Let us defend our lives because the representatives seem not to know how valuable our lives are to us” when we defend our lives; maybe  when they finally come in, they will still meet people to talk with.

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