By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 13, 2017

A protester asking why the genocide!
During the 1967 war of genocide and aggression against Biafra; Indigenous People of Biafra suffered a significant massacre in Asaba when they stormed out of their homes to welcome Nigerian troops and to celebrate end of the war. Asaba has been conquered by then and they were urged by troops loyal to Yakubu Gowon to come out for a feast to mark the end of the genocide. The people of Biafra stormed out; mothers, daughters, sons and fathers but were instead massacred and buried in a mass grave. I have been to Asaba massacre monument; I saw the list of massacred Biafrans and I was also taken to the mass grave; the only survivor of that massacre who is now a Bishop declined to speak to any journalist; including me, I wanted him to give me account of the massacre.

I don’t know what will be going on in the minds of the people of Biafra residence in Asaba; how devastating it would be for them to learn that Nigerian government can have the guts to massacre them again in Asaba. They had thought that it was over and never to happen again; but here we are in this generation, the massacre has repeated itself, repeated because we bear no arm. This time; mothers, daughters, sons and fathers stormed out to pray and meet to discuss how their rights can be established through referendum but Nigerian soldiers stormed the venue, at Okwe Primary School Asaba and massacred them once again.

I understand the need to remain peaceful but there is something going on that needs attention; Nigerian government under Muhammadu Buhari has continued to massacre innocent citizens of Biafra and because they are not checked or condemned by authorities, instead of soft pedal, the massacre is on the increase. The massacre used to happen on a protest or rally grounds but presently; the massacre is going on in our homes and gatherings. This is so because Nigerian soldiers are not checked but urged to carry on with the genocide by Nigerian authorities. Above all; this massacre is becoming cancerous because we are not armed.

The rate innocent and peaceful Biafrans are massacred is disturbing and Biafrans have been massacred more than Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. I have not heard of Boko Haram massacre and neither have I heard of Fulani massacre simply because they bear arms. I have not heard of massacre of militants or massacre of any armed group in Nigeria simply because they bear arms. The Nigerian establishment is waging war against the people of Biafra and the earlier we know this is the better.

The reason the Nigerian military is motivated is because Biafrans bear no arms; this Army cannot stand if arms comes in. We are sacrificing our lives in an unworthy way; had they taken our lives on peaceful protest or rally, that is brave death but to storm our homes or interior gathering is unacceptable. This Army has never defeated any armed conflict; they have never successfully routed any armed gang. They are too poor mentally and physically; they lack training and are so weak and this is why they find joy attacking unarmed Biafrans.

The government end up paying any armed gang; an armed gang of ten can defeat Nigerian Army, there is nothing that can scare them away if not when they see AK47 in your own hands. We are dying and because we bear no arm, we are massacred because we are lawful and peaceful. For how long must this go on; for how long shall we wait? The authorities that are supposed to address these crimes against humanity are mute and looking on while we are murdered. Shouldn’t we defend our lives?

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