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A Biafran and an Israeli holding their respective flags
Whenever a rhythm changes, the style of dancing follows suit to harmonize it with the existing beat. Biafrans think internationally to protect its allies around the world with the truth, fact and figure. No doubt people of goodwill from US was not surprised to have seen Obama’s regime playing outstragous biasness and unconstructive United Nations Security Council’s resolution against Israeli settlement on West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Obama on several occasions stated that a solution to the conflict on Israel/Palestine two State solution cannot be imposed on the parties involved but must be achieved directly by the parties themselves. He seems to have forgotten US abstinence from United Nations Security Council vote was not negotiation between the parties involved. Why didn't Obama’s regime initiate the resolution long before his tenure elapses?

His bipartisan US policy was a shallow of wing for Palestinians' permanent settlement on Israel. What effort has Obama’s administration made to eradicate the uprising in the Middle East if not arming ISIS to continue unabated terrorism? US president elect Donald Trump was reported to have twitted “UN is just a club for people to have a good time (club of jamboree), he warns; once he assumes office things will change”.

However, historical facts are meant to revolve one’s mind whenever the need arises. In time immemorial, there has never been a civilization or a nation referred as “Palestine” and the idea of a “Palestine Arab Nation” having ancient attachments to the holy land of Israel was the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon the World! Seems there was never a Palestine culture or language. Israel was a nation in 1312B.C.E, two thousand years before the rise of Islam.

The first Jewish temple in Jerusalem’s old city Temple Mount was destroyed by Nebuchanezzare, king of ancient Babylon, Palestine was never mention rather Jews. Jerusalem was founded by King David for over 3,300 years as a capital city for Jewish people only, with literal meaning to it. Life was made unbearable for Jews; many migrated to other places while others stayed and rebelled for centuries in order to rebuild the Jewish nation on this holy land; this made the Jews to start coming back; which was tag The Zionist Movement. This could be likened to the Biafrans “Biafra escapees” scattered all over the word due to unfavorable atmosphere for them.

Arab migrated to Israel in both cities of West Bank and East Jerusalem; the same place outgoing US President Barrack Hussein Obama is playing game to cede to the inexistence Palestine. When the Zionist rebuilt the land with economic opportunities and medical availabilities, this attracted the Arabs from both far and within. The so called Palestinians are interlopers and squatters from Syria and other places who simply took possession of pieces of land in Israel.

This contemporary invasion of territories using cabals in the UNSC is synonymous with the ancient/stone ages' method of overrunning of peoples' boundaries. Information has it, Obama’s regime initiated the resolution and silently stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded it be passed; the same way Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson orchestrated Biafra genocide using Hausa Fulani elites with primary purpose to protect strategic British interest in Nigeria.

Obama’s historical legacy shall end up in disdain politically for colluding with Palestine before UN settlements vote. Recall, former US president Jimmy Carter made the same attempt but never succeeded. Obama’s delusive anti-Israeli ploy at the UN was to hurt justice and truth whereas, millions of human beings are slaughtered in Syria, Yemen and Sudan. The only democracy in the Middle East; the State of Israel was ganged up by Obama’s administration using United Nations Security Council to instigate upheaval in guise of two state solution. The spirit of maccabees will not allow Obama and his cohorts perfect their evil plans against Israel; God’s own holy land.

Irrespective of how hard they "tried" Israel must surely come out victorious.

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