By Kelechi Okorie; writes for TBP
Twitter: @KelechiHoney ¤ January 6, 2017

Welcome to Biafra
2016 came and gone, tension is still very high in Nigeria seat of power Aso Rock. Existence of Nigeria is no longer guaranteed; it is fast approaching her disintegration. Prophesies from both men of God and hired men of Satan sponsored by sadists and nefarious elements in government, are at the frontline of new year news paper headlines with their predict, hallucinate prophecies to attract publicity hence, Biafra  remains the most trending news around the world and Nigeria centre of attraction for political instability.

You may wish to know the meaning of sovereignty, who is sovereign power vested in; people, Country or State. As the name sounds “sovereignty”, it is the supreme power of the State (people) to manage its affairs and control its constituencies in a deem fit without external control and interference. Questions a reasonable person should ask; is Nigeria a sovereign state? If really so, why won’t she control her territorial boundaries without dictates from the Western World? If Nigeria sovereignty is permissible why is it her politicians first seek inducement from Britain and US whenever presidential campaign is at hand?

A country that claims to be independent; was it necessary to seek consent of colonial masters before taking any national decision?  Once a preferable handpick of western puppet (candidate) signs memorandum of understanding for continuation of imperialism to protect their economic interest and free flow of oil in Biafra land, nominee becomes choice of candidate that must pilot the ship which makes Nigerian electorates' civil responsibility inconsequential to vote.

Many believe votes in Nigeria do not count. Recall, since 1999 emergence of nasty democracy in Nigeria till date, every seating presidential aspirant lobbied foreign actors in Britain and US respectively before smelling that seat. Invariably, how many presidential candidates in Western Countries came to Nigeria for either campaign or inducement during elections in their various countries? No doubt international relations is inevitable to enhance country’s foreign policy but not totally dependent on foreign aid like Nigeria.

You may wonder why Nigeria's 1960 flag independent has not worked out till date; 1914 amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorates, was it in consensus with all regional nationalities that were forced at gun point to live as indivisible entity? Former US Ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell rightly said; Nigeria is dancing on a cliff. Before a Country or Nation can have full control of her territorial boundaries, indigenous people within that sphere must decide via referendum or plebiscite either to live as one or not through which state can have supreme control of her territory. The same way Britons decided to opt out from EU to enable British government have supreme power over her boundaries and management of her internal affairs without EU interference.

Meanwhile, Nigeria incumbent president Muhammadu buhari, is heavily passing through terrible psychological state of unguaranteed co-existence of Nigeria. He has charged his military “keeping Nigeria one a task that must be done”. Military might could be use to protect territorial boundaries against external aggression, not subjecting the populace to remain as one indivisible entity as Buhari led APC government is fighting tooth and nail to force everyone against his/her wish. The power of indivisibility of a country or nation is vested on the people, neither state nor military force can change that. Nigerian government must learn to be civilized, or permanently remains backward and undeveloped.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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