Islamziation agenda. Ex Gov Peter Obi, is quoting the Bible love your neighbour Hausa/Fulani Boko Haram as yourself, while else Peter Obi killed his own people and dump there body’s at Ezu River, hypocrisy to the highest order. 

The immediate past governor of Anambra state, Chief Peter Obi has shown, exhibited and extended love to all Muslims and Northerners in his home town, Agulu as he donated 25 acres of land to the Muslim faithfuls.

Chief Peter Obi who recently advised the Igbos to embrace and support the APC government of General Mohammed Buhari, has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he wasn't in anyway joking hence donating 25acres of land in his hometown Agulu to the Northerners to build Central Mosque.

When our correspondent, Emeka Idodinibe finally got Chief Peter Obi to know if the above was a mere rumour, surprisingly, Chief Obi owned up, spoke and touched so many areas, read him.

I Mr Peter Obi has been an advocate of one Nigeria, sometimes we Igbos do not know what we want, we do not go for what we want, we do not go for what will benefit the Igbo race.

Yes, I Mr Peter gave the Muslim Faithful 25 acres of land in my own hometown Agulu, so that they will develop and erect a mighty mosque, recreation club and what have you. I also promise to assist them financially.

I did it to show the Northerners that we are one Nigeria. Go to the North, there are churches everywhere, the same should also be seen in Igbo land.
The Northerners should feel free, build their mosques in all communities in Igbo land and intermarry with Igbo people, that is love and spirit of one Nigeria.

The problem is that Ndi Igbo clamour for peace, development, etc. but they go about it the wrong way.
They will tell you that we need international airports, seaports, second Niger Bridge, etc. but they continue to reject the God sent, General Mohammed Buhari.
Let me be sincere with you, Ndi Igbo will achieve all those things only if they accept and love General Buhari and his wonderful APC government.

Chief Peter Obi's recent fraternization with the Northerners came as a shock to Ndi Igbo as he speaks from two corners of his mouth.

We should still remember that it was still this same Chief Peter Obi that blasted General Buhari in the last presidential election, called Buhari analogue while Goodluck Jonathan digital. Chief Peter Obi went as far as calling General Buhari dead and blocked brain, but today, the music has changed, Chief Peter Obi now sees General Buhari as a God sent, human beings are chameleons.

At this juncture, our correspondent Emeka Ilodinibe asked if he is still a practising Catholic or if he has changed to a Muslim like APC change?

Chief Peter Obi answered, I am a Catholic, but that won't make me overlook my Muslim brothers, we serve the same God. More so, the Bible teach us to love your neighbour as yourself, so it does not matter if I am still a Catholic or not, the big question is, do we love the Northerners as we love ourselves?
If we claim yes, then, we show them love, perfect love, period.

The above was chief Peter Obi's submission; we actually don't know how Ndi Igbo will take it, stay tuned as we get you reactions and follow ups.



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