Ifeanyi Chijioke; Writes/Reports for TBP
January 27, 2017

The moment Nigerian soldiers commanded by Muhammadu Buhari opened fire and killed
Biafrans celebrating in solidarity the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America
more than 20 Biafrans rallying in solidarity with Donald Trump; they did not only kill Biafrans, they killed passionate supporters of America. It is very sad that Nigeria has no respect for a country that has been of great help to her; whose tax payers money go into their pocket and well decorated soldiers often assist when there is problem confronting them. By virtue of shooting supporters of America on a rally to motivate the President of America to make America great; it is nothing short of disrespect to the United States of America.

The people of Biafra had stormed the protest ground with hope that the murderous Nigerian government would respect the President of America and the country that rules the world hence will never shoot anyone as they have always done when Biafrans peacefully gather. With American flag flying everywhere and posters of Donald Trump, Putin and Israeli Prime Minister, that was the thought of respect, but all that was gone when Muhammadu Buhari commanded that the people be shot.

Muhammadu Buhari’s Nigeria organized a protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump in Lagos where citizens marched without obstructions. The government of Nigeria urged them to go on and provided everything they needed but when Biafran citizens marched; soldiers were unleashed and a peaceful rally became bloody while a protest by citizens in Lagos recorded no disturbances.

Nigerian government had established itself anti-America when it funded the campaign of Mrs Clinton who lost to Donald Trump. The people of America needed change and not even the money Muhammadu Buhari donated to defeat Trump could change that decision. By 9th of November; Nigeria began to see herself as the enemy of America because Mrs Clinton had lost the election.

The people of Biafra chose Donald Trump for his outspoken manner which Nigeria was a victim- his attack; that made the election of America divisive. The world chose different parties and worked assiduously for success. To the people of Biafra who are known for occupying that very space no one can touch- social media- they ensured that the message of Donald Trump got to the people of America.

The dice was cast and the people of Biafra became victorious; celebrating the inauguration of the President of America; they were massacred and arrested; suffering in different prisons for simply celebrating with the people of America. Nigerian government had the chance to build a bridge and extend a hand of friendship to the new American administration; but bigotry would not allow them to be civilized people.

This disrespect is condemnable and it should be considered as an affront on the President of America and American people. Nigeria to come this extent is nothing short of how much they have committed crimes against humanity, targeted at the people of Biafra. If the hallowed flag of America cannot compel Nigeria to respect it; it is a huge disrespect to the people of America and her leader. If the great flag of America that if burnt in America attracts imprisonment can be so forcefully taken and torn by Nigerian military; it shows a huge disrespect to America.

The people of Biafra deserve more than shooting them while celebrating with the people of America. They deserve respect for lifting the flag of America and marching to motivate the President of the world to do better than any other. They don’t deserve arrest for peacefully rallying to show that this part of the world is with the people of America. Nigerian government has so much shown disdain to the United States of America because shooting a friend of America is shooting America and must be condemned.

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