By: Elyn Barata Davila
As: Chisomu Ifeoma Ada Biafra 

January 17, 2017

It has been said of old times; you can hide secrets, but only for a season, and in a very right time it will come out like a shot of a living seed no matter how deep you buried secrets it will rose up in times you not expecting any more. RAFAEL UWAZURUIKE sir this time you can run but never more can hide from the long arm of Biafra!

An Igbo man, and a leader of MASSOB, supposedly you must be great in Biafra land. But why and how you have done a great fall? Are these the required justice for what you've done in secrets before? You rejected by mouth the tired of you by the zoo to testify against Mr.Nnamdi Kanu in secret trial for you said you want it in the open, not secret trial or masked witness so now in front of, 70millions Biafrans who is waiting your loudly openly professing by mouth tell us how you have done so a great betrayal to Biafrans and Biafra?

First say now publicly to the peoples of Onitsha  how you ordered your men to bury alive (7) seven Onitsha indigenes way back the year 2006 and tell the Biafrans how you sent your boys, and it was Onyebuchi (Mmiliontsha) who lead them to Akpaka forests where Uwazuruike's men confirmed that them buried the seven alive and closed it up as you've ordered,!  Accomplished and his for several years not one among Onitsha people knows this your secret Mr Ralph Uwazuruike! Next, if you can recall way back 2015, when there was the massacre at Okigwe, I mean Okwe Okigwe was the headquarters of MASSOB. 

But why when one friend a man of the struggle Mike Eto when that time he comes to you with One Million Naira to give you to do charms that he want to sack home base Massobians out of his resident, in which house also built by same massobians. But why after given you the money but when he left why did you give enough arms to your men and orders that they must kill Mike Eto.Even Agidi if only he survive from your hands h can testify what I am saying is faithful and correct! But how? 

Because you also let your men to butchered Agidi when he rushes to save Mike Eto but he fails due to he also did not survive from your evil hands Mr.MASSOB leader now is your turn to speak loudly as you can to the peoples of Uburu, Abia State where Mike Eto came from and relatives and family! Tell them how you cut the body of Mike Eto in pieces! Tell them openly here now why the body of Mike ETO was not found up to this date tell the Biafra's how you used the heart and chopped body of Mike ETO for ritual because you were already targeted that time. 

Tell also the peoples of Umunya Anambra State where Agidi came from telling them well how you butchered Agidi.So  Mr Rafael Uwazuruike speak loudly now to more than 70 million Biafrans how you uses the blood of Biafrans to refresh a vampire! You know what I mean. 

And tell Biafrans how you keep this secret well and now you want to speak in the open, so before you touch to witness against a hero's life , fabricating  false accusations against him, mind your own first, see yourself how you betrayed Biafra by receiving money from the federal government and how you hate Biafra freedom to emerge by hitting Kanu and the IPOB this time! Tell us well how you lead your MASSOB with the blood of its own. 

This is what I am challenging you sir in my first article in Radio Biafra London that the moment you fail your plan to speak well in the open, something from your buried secrets will intervene in the public against you!  Now let your people if you have still a people let them know how many times you sold them to the zoo that they will know what and who you are!  I rest my case!

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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