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Uwazuruike using MASSOB to campaign for Ohakim; former Imo State Governor

It is now imperative to get every dossier on Uwazurike to shut him up once and for all; all his corrupt practices that led to his expulsion in MASSOB must come to lime light. Though this will not in any way stop Nigerian government from using him against Biafra but to keep the record straight, we must unmask everything about him. Uchenna Mmadu, the leader of MASSOB must see Uwazurike as a common enemy to Biafra restoration and step up counter-press statements as it is clearly in defense of Biafra restoration.

“What is the Nigerian government waiting before they issue arrest warrant and throw that clown into the prison for fraud; because he is fighting against Biafra restoration, they would rather give him security details.  All these years he flaunted and called himself a barrister; so he never got the certificate, in all fairness, there are some professions that don’t need certificate to execute, technical knowhow can do or informal knowledge can bring you to the top. A profession like journalism needs just ability to put up syntax and apply reasoning or criticisms. But when one claims to be a Lawyer or a doctor and others; he is simply being fraudulent and his aim is either to extort from people or gain fraudulent respect to propagate his fraud” my esteemed reader replied when I threw the question to him.

It is very unfortunate that Biafrans had a fraudulent man like Uwazurike spearhead Biafra restoration in the past. The realization that an insincere man once headed Biafra restoration will answer the question why MASSOB under Uwazurike collapsed Biafra restoration. A time Biafra looked like it cannot walk again; God gave Biafrans Nnamdi Kanu, a leader whose sincerity shone like a sunrise.

Recently; Uwazurike out of frustration called the entire people of Biafra fraudsters; and made other accusations against the leader of the people. A thing he could not substantiate; this irked the people of Biafra that they began to question the personality of such man. If we can be able to demystify his personality; it can form basis of assimilation. We can then ask ourselves if such man is worth listening to. Does he think everyone will be like him; because Biafra restoration was business to him, he feels every other person will do business with it.

I was never a member of MASSOB and neither was I attracted to the activities of Uwazurike who believes that there is’ Igbo ka Igbo’ an Igbo that is stronger than another. This very exhibition led to the terrorization of the innocent people of Biafra. Uwazurike was never sincere right from the start by telling us he is a lawyer; he carried that insincerity into Biafra restoration which brought us to this point that Nnamdi Kanu has to start afresh; wash Biafra and brought Biafra to this point of certain reality.

Uwazurike stamped his fraudulent life on Biafra restoration and by the time he was clearly out of the struggle; our people started rejecting Biafra. For the first time in history of Biafra; Biafra is mentioned and Biafrans forbid it. Uwazurike has done more than physically betraying Biafra; by virtue of corrupting Biafra restoration that took Nnamdi Kanu relentless prayer and whiter than snow life to bring back to our people, Uwazurike has profaned a sacred institution.

Uwazurike claimed he is a Barrister while he was never one; deceived the people of Biafra into believing that he is real but before the dawn, we were all shedding blood. He has built houses, hostels and hotels; he was attending meetings with politicians in Aso Rock and he cannot do anything again but destroy Biafra for his pay masters to reward him.

Having established that Uwazurike is not a Barrister as he claimed; it is now obvious that this man has been on a mission of deceit. There are ulterior motives attached to his involvement in Biafra and that he has achieved. It is so disgraceful that a so-called one time MASSOB leader will fraudulently say he is a lawyer when he was never one. This however implies that everything about Biafra is fraud under Uwuzurike and no wonder the people of Biafra rejected Biafra after Uwazurike touched it.

This fraudulent Uwazurike was behind the tag ‘biafraud’ and yet he is poised to destroy Biafra the more; it is now clear that he is doing everything to stop Biafra restoration. This title of a non-existing Barrister is basis for execution. For everything Uwazurike is; fraud forms bigger part of it, he has continued to attack the incorruptible leader of Indigenous People of Biafra simply because his sincere approach and whiter than white state keeps uncovering the evil he is.

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