By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
January 16, 2017

Uwazuruike and Al-Mustapha on his visit to Owerri to work for One Nigeria
It is no longer news that Ralph Uwazuruike is the main betrayer of the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. This criminal on arrival from India went to late Emeka Ojukwu and promised him how he will actualize Biafra without violence, then on receiving the blessings of Ikemba, he reneged from the acclaimed struggle of actualizing Biafra to mean dabbling into politics with the Nigeria government of which he Uwazuruike is a share holder in the Nigeria union as we speak without mincing words.

Uwazuruike is the main reason that the name Biafra was seen as a means to gain attention from the Nigeria government and get compensated. For the avoidance of doubt this criminal known as Uwazuruike has enriched himself with the name Biafra more than any other principal actor among his group fighting to restore Biafra.

It is on record that Uwazuruike deceived his members on different occasions with the name MASSOB; he extorted them using different techniques known to him. He exploited his members with the name MASSOB thereby using the ill gotten wealth to create and mobilized boys that kill for him or torture whoever he Uwazuruike perceived as his enemy.

Uwazuruike was after chieftaincy title while his subjects were been killed and massacred on a daily basis while this criminal remained quiet and dumb not to challenge or take the Nigeria government to court over the unnecessary killings of his members; Uwazuruike had a public gathering with the sons of Arewa Republic where he promised them that Nigeria will continue to be one and nobody not even him will divide Nigeria; sane mind should then question; how do you trust such a man?

Uwazuruike; you should stop making jittery statements of how you expelled Nnamdi Kanu from MASSOB when in reality we in the know, knew what transpired between you and Kanu; Kanu questioned your person over the evils you generated using the name MASSOB and Biafra to deceive our people, the lavish life style you are living till date at the detriment of the poor masses, it was because of these atrocities committed by you Uwazuruike that pushed Nnamdi Kanu to leave MASSOB for you to run as you wish.

Do you know that Uwazuruike works hand in hand with every Police Commissioner in Biafraland to scuttle the Biafra freedom quest? Do you also know that the Nigeria government settled Uwazuruike with oil block and some slots in the federal and local levels all in a bid to stop agitating for Biafra?

Do you again know that this criminal also told us that MASSOB under his chain of command produced Biafra passports one can use to travel to any part of the world while in reality he uses Nigeria passport to travel outside the country?  This same criminal produced the fake Biafra vehicle plate numbers while he uses Nigeria vehicle plate number.

If what we are saying are not facts, the why did MASSOB found it statutorily alright to rusticate and expelled him from his almighty MASSOB? Go to world bank Owerri in Imo State where the main Biafra fraudster lives and see for yourself what IPOB mean when we say we shred any body talking ills about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB that he commands.

Under Uwazuruike MASSOB turned themselves to kidnappers and political thugs which is far far from what freedom fighting is all about; once the Nigeria government settles this rabble rouser he Uwazuruike calls his boys to order. It is on record that he campaigned for Goodluck Jonathan Presidency and for the removal of INEC chairman Prof Jega to vacate his seat or he will cause war; when people understood his empty threats they decided to ignore the fool he is up till  date.

We leave the public to decide between Uwazuruike and Nnamdi Kanu who is the real fraudster and killer of his people; this same criminal urged Buhari to persuade Justice Binta Nyako to effect secret trial so that he can testify against Kanu in secret and when it was exposed he hurriedly in his dubious manner granted interview and accused Kanu of being a fraudster.

It is so disheartened that Ojukwu is turning in his grave for having been sold out with thirty pieces of silver by Uwazuruike; the vultures will eat you Uwazuruike up just watch and see. Your doom day is at hand.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via:
Twitter: @ckorie17


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