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Twitter: @Biafrapost ¤ January 17, 2017

Leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, addressing World Igbo Congress in America
Biafran politicians now proudly ignore Buhari and sanction what they want from him without mincing words or licking his ass. They would list demands and think they are relevant; but they are riding on Nnamdi Kanu’s back. Everybody today talk about the East; they call them to one meeting or another begging them, yet they have not asked what suddenly brought about this relevance. They are afraid of the East and begging everybody in it simply because of Nnamdi Kanu. Some are raising their shoulders in Abuja and threatening thunder if anything happens to them because of Nnamdi Kanu. Some are using Nnamdi Kanu as leverage; ‘Don’t touch me or I intimate Nnamdi Kanu’ don’t touch Ike Ikweremmandu or we tell Nnamdi Kanu and dying Nigeria will quickly finish.

My annoyance is despite the fact that they ride on Nnamdi Kanu’s back; except few, many of them have not stood to payback the horse they have been riding on. Only a few has thought of taking the horse to the stream to drink water. As many as that are using Nnamdi Kanu as leverage without joining in the effort to achieve his goal, someday Nnamdi Kanu shall reach his destination and never shall they ride on him again. He shall allow us that bother about his suffering, everything he is doing- for us to continue on his back. As for him; he is carrying the fate of Biafrans and while he suffers today, he will flourish tomorrow and ingrates will pay dearly.

Right after the 1966 coup; Biafrans lost relevance and it has continued till this very date; the irrelevance brought about the cry of marginalization. There is a premeditated effort to make sure that Biafrans are consigned. This consignment is largely as a result of fear that if given chance; they would rise and take over Nigeria or take their destinies into their hands. Everything was then constructed to be against them; automatically making them slaves in the contraption called Nigeria.

The constitution of Nigeria which was designed to further enslave Biafrans came at a time Northerners dominated the leadership or politics in Nigeria. They single handedly came together and drafted the constitution at the detriment of other regions, giving West a moderate share and finally extinguished East- Biafrans. That is the setting of the Nigerian State; census was hijacked to favor the North, political setting of Nigeria was hijacked to make sure the North alone decides who rules Nigeria, these and others cannot be doubted.

The East lost her voice in Nigeria; no politician or figure from the East can achieve anything or stamp authority without serving Northern oligarchy. The perfect example is Rochas Okorocha, the Governor of Imo State, who serves Northern oligarchy up until this day. Rotimi Amaechi fought his own brother to serve the interest of Northern oligarchy. Oby Ezekwesili is today a used and dumped so-called activist that fought to oust his own brother and many others that died in their services to the Northern oligarchy, Biafra land was deserted that nobody bothers to come into it. Her roads debilitated and no social amenities because it is of no use in Biafra land.

I could remember going to Lagos just for execution in my primary school, infrastructure and social amenities are largely positioned in the North and West. The worst of the whole scenario is that Biafran politicians can’t talk; they are intimidated to a fault that one begins to wonder if they are really part of the federation. To them; everything is normal and the successful politician is often the one bribed out or into something. Biafran politicians talk when Northern controlled Abuja wants them to talk; the President or high ranking office holder will never come to the East and neither will they talk about East.

Since Nnamdi Kanu took prominence with IPOB; so many things have changed and the people of Biafra are becoming powerful. Biafran politicians are talking; they are rejecting meetings with the President; they are making demands of what they want. So-called leaders are being lobbied and taken serious; Abuja is now shaking because of Nnamdi Kanu and everybody focused in Biafra land. Orji Uzor Kalu will be given special entry into Aso Rock because he visited Nnamdi Kanu, Abuja wants to hear what he said; everybody is now becoming relevant in Biafra land, and for the first time after many years of negligence, Biafran politicians proudly told Buhari that they won’t meet him and the Presidency is scampering on how to meet them.

With Nnamdi Kanu; everybody is now claiming one thing or another; Buhari is looking for one way or another to gain access to Biafra land. Every politician and leader now talking about Biafra; from Bayelsa to Ebonyi, there is a push for relationship. Nigerian politicians and leaders are finding their ways to Biafra land. This is all because of Nnamdi Kanu; he has made Biafrans relevant, he put up a fight and cruising to victory.

Sultan of Sokoto visited Enugu State; he indirectly came to beg Biafrans, Father Ejike Mbaka would honorably go to the Sultan and bow in greetings. He would snap hundreds of photos with Sultan without knowing he is riding on the back of Nnamdi Kanu. He would rant rubbish or another after meeting Sultan without knowing that it was because of Nnamdi Kanu that Sultan came. They would receive envelopes and other things without knowing that someone is behind all that. When they go back; they go into their various homes thinking they are anything without knowing Nnamdi Kanu is behind all that is happening in Biafra land.

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