Author; Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for TBP
Twitter: @Biafrapost ■ January 3, 2016

Time for Israel to support Biafra
Just recently; UN passed a resolution which will definitely endanger Israel and as the only democracy (Free People) in Middle East, there is likelihood that things may start to fall apart. Israel is the foundation of God on earth and the authenticity of the Holy Bible is largely anchored on the success of Israel. I am not surprise that Obama devastatingly attacked Israel; he wouldn’t stop promoting Islamic agenda. If the Bible is anything real; as I was largely thought, Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Nation of Israel shall possess all her possessions.

If Israel doesn’t build a front; life will be unbearable very soon, Biafra is the major front Israel has to build. Through Biafra; Israel can gain control of Africa and then start from there to stamp her authority. It is very risky to continue to rely on diplomacy and friendship; but when Israel learns to build and stamp authority; friends cannot be relied on but mutually engaged. Every little chance to influence and stamp authority anywhere should not be missed. There is opportunity to stamp authority in Africa and build an empire or father nations. Biafra has the potential to lead Africa and this is why Israel must key into Biafra, restore it and explore with it.

I would not dwell on the resolution and neither will I sulk; Israel must take a step further and start stamping her authority. I might have religiously viewed the situation in Israel; but even a socialist will agree with me that Palestine is a threat to Israel. We must not ignore history no matter the argument that pleases our various minds. Nature prohibits vacuum and that was the resultant issue in Palestine. The land belongs to Israel but due to the nation of Israel was shattered; Jews left their land, scattered all over the world, the Israel in Africa (Biafra) and many more. That Israel left their land does not mean they cannot possess their land. Palestine never existed and only started existence; history is entirely pointing that Israel owns the land while Palestine is only dragging where they never had.

Israel; surrounded by Islamic States is like a prey and Islam is looking for a possible way to gain access into Israel and possibly devour citizens and take away the land of Israel. They have continued to show that their intent is to flush out Israel and never to live and allow others to live. The supremacy of Israel is what can guarantee peace and respect; any move that leaves Israel powerless will only spell doom for the citizens. Islam has no regard or respect for the existence of those that don’t share same belief with them; whom they refer to as ‘infidels’. It is therefore imperative to always ensure the safety of Israel through ‘vetoes’ of resolutions against Israel and USA has failed to live up to that.

Israel will be making a grave mistake to continue to mind her friends without thinking of political or power-expansion; the only way to ensure the safety of Israel is to make or buy the idea of more Israeli nations outside Israel. Biafra is an indigenous Israeli nation- a right wing that should be more important to Israel than any other thing. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step; Israel must make the vital Biafra step that will propel them for more steps. The strength of a nation is often measured by the scale of her authority outside her territory; not necessarily the strength of her police.

Biafra cannot be like any other nation; but a product of over 400 years prophecy that must be pushed to fulfillment. The now and future safety of Israel will depend largely on making Israeli nation go beyond the Middle East. There is another Israeli nation in Africa that will likely lead Africa; there is another Jewish State in Africa that should be the priority of Israeli government. Palestine has a strong bond that would always ensure aid and that bond is Islam. There is a bond for Israel and that Bond is Biafra; which will mark the beginning of a new dawn.

Friends and allies are very important but religious, indigenous and blood bond is something that is rare; that is what Biafra can give Israel. Friends and allies can disappoint but such bond Biafra gives cannot disappoint. The world can conspire against Israel but with Biafra as a potential of continental leadership, Israel has something worth fighting for. It is strange to continue to push Israel to command the fight for Biafra restoration; because Biafra is Israel and Israel is Biafra. Israel doesn’t need many words to know that Biafra is another means to propagate and ensure safety of Jewish faith. Most importantly; it is a means to start stamping political authorities and widen or build strength.

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  1. Israel is a lone wolf in the middle East without Biafra. Nethan Nyahu need no soothsayer to make him know that Biafra is his only ally that can never fail them as America has. Building a strong hold in Africa with Biafra is the best and only option Israel has now.