By Kelechi Okorie writes for TBP
Twitter: @KelechiHoney ■ January 4, 2017

Tyrant Buhari
Lying addiction of Mohammadu Buhari’s led government and its agents have gone beyond mere imagination, they consciously and unconsciously vomit poisonous lies that threatening the life and non exiting unity in diversity of the speedily dying Nigeria. Every blessed day, Nigerians wake up with systematic unorganized paraphrase package by Buhari’s myopic agents believing everyone is mentally dump like their paymaster to accept unconstructive peddle cheap lies. Those that exposed them are seen as the enemy. The grand patron of all liars and the pronounced bonafide mad man 1 of Daura, has proven without a shred of doubt that lies flow in his vein. If Buhari and his incompetent agents' lies were to be written down, books will not contain the volume.

Recall, on December 31th 2015, during his maiden presidential media chat buhari lied that ”Nnamdi Kanu has two passports, one for British, one for Nigeria, that he Nnamdi Kanu came into Nigeria without any of them”. He forgot easily his self appointed unconstitutional secret police DSS has his passport at their custody with other items. This made reasonable minds to suggest that Buhari is out of control, his mental malfunctioning needs medical attention for manual resetting.

Recycling of lies by Buhari’s systematic lying crew headed by the pathological lying information Minister Lai Mohammed, recruited deformed journalists both home and in the Diaspora to dent the image of IPOB using a reputable media outfit Agence France-Presse AFP to execute their defamation of character hidden plans against Biafra; inducing a mentally derail poor Ismail Akwei from Ghana to help them misinterpret IPOB status linking it to terrorism with the intention to execute their laughable secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra. The brown envelop journalist Ismail Akwei lacks professional journalism ethics. He failed to study intensively to ascertain the truth behind the dirty game he embarked upon with the murderous Nigerian government to please the sadist (Buhari) in his poorly contradictory reportage.

AFP ignorantly reported through its compromised employee Ismail Akwei that “Nigerian Police say they have foiled a Biafran separatist attack”. Nigerian government led by Buhari knew IPOB is determined to fish out any journalist used within; that was why they went outside Nigeria periphery to buy off Ismail Akwei to impugn the integrity of IOPB before the world. He stupidly failed to articulate his story very well before presenting his unfounded report. How can the Nigerian Police foil a bomb attack on December 28 2016, and got the suspect arrested on November 2nd 2016? This junk report could be likened to the lies found in Nigeria National Dailies. Only in Nigeria news papers one would see a caption; ” a man killed himself and ran away for being arrested”.

Continuing in his parochial shameful outing, he disgracefully tag Abiodun Amos an Igbo name from Ondo State, forgetting that Ondo State is not part of Biafra land where the hired alleged suspect came from. State sponsored terrorism led by Buhari’s government lacks due process in dealing with issues; Ismail Akwei might have smuggled in the report without the consent of the editorial board’s examination before been publicize. AFP a respected media organization that was founded in 1944 with well meaning seasoned administrators such as Emmanuel Hoog and Michael Leridon etc, now romancing with an incompetent journalist like Ismail Akwei to undermine their long term preserve reputation since time immemorial as a reliable media outfit.
The ball is on AFP’s court either to sack him to redeem their integrity or retain him and see their media organization’s downfall for his media unprofessionalism.

In furtherance of unorganized shameful lies by Nigeria janjaween government with their annual lying festival to divert attention of Nigerians from reality and truth; Nigerian Military boasted of how they killed Boko Haram members and capture Sambisa Forest, home of Buhari’s terrorist brethren together with their fake flag. Few hours later, the reincarnated Buhari’s Personal Assistant on terrorism Shakau Abubakar, leader of the dreaded terrorist group debunked the claimed.
It is now understandable whenever Buhari is tasty of fresh blood he formulates lies that trap innocent Nigerian life with his infuriate tongue. Dozens that lost their life in the hands of Boko Haram was as a result of government hallucination of defeating Boko Haram.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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