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Anything Nigeria is corrupt; not even their Military is left out
Anything built on fraudulent foundation or deception bounds to remain faulty till it is brought down and rebuild to the standard before it makes a different. As common sense implies military has the primary responsibility to protect territorial boundaries against external aggression; whereas, police maintains law and order. Faulty Nigeria foundation makes it difficult for every government parastatals to work accordingly within its assign responsibility visa-vice.

Corruption is an impediment to give a good result, Nigerian military not exceptional; they mount road block mainly in Biafraland extorting money from people, molesting young girls, torturing innocent Biafrans, their barracks are no longer conducive for them, you see them roaming every corner like wide animals looking for who to devour. Discipline as a hallmark of forces is far from their behavior. Decent civilians turn to wide animals once he/she joins Nigeria military force unlike in developed countries, military is a decent respected profession that preserve their dignity and professionalism at all times.

Why is it that the Nigerian Military cannot emulate this good virtue? Were they taught in their various camps to venture their anger on soft targets? No wonder, throughout history Nigerian Military has never single handedly won any war since her existence; they ignorantly believed only they were trained to kill and seem they are incapacitated to withstand well trained-professional solders from other countries; it becomes imperative to kill soft targets.

Bakasssi Penussila, part of Biafra land was seceded to Cameroon during Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime without plebiscite or consulting the people living in that vicinity. The military did not make any attempt neither to defend the land nor reclaim it till date, but only to come and bomb Udi, Bayelsa State in Biafraland and in the process thousands of innocent Biafrans were killed,  houses destroyed yet, the perpetrators are walking freely without them brought to justice. While the world on the other hand pretends as if nothing ever happened.

Recall, Biafra genocidal war soft targets was their only means to weakened the morale of brave Biafran solders to surrender; pregnant women’s belly were cut open; babies brought out alive and killed; refugee camps were bombed; hospitals, schools, churches, recreation centers, market quires etc were targeted.

Today Nigerian military claiming they mistakenly bomb Internal Displaced People IDP was a lie from the pit of hell where more than 52 were killed and dozens injured. IDP is a refugee camp for displaced people in Northern Nigeria where Boko Haram, a terrorist group is wrecking havoc on daily basis. It becomes worrisome and displeasure to have heard such a news, In going through this article, you might resolve to ask; does the IDP share the same fence with Boko Haram hideout? Does Nigerian Military air craft dashboard not functional for them to see their target was wrong before releasing bombs on innocent people?

Nigeria as a highest human rights violator shows no remorse for their war crimes. We all knew Buhari secretly enrolled his own personal Boko Haram members in all the forces. Today these people in military uniform are perfecting their well coordinated plans to kill. Has Nigeria President, the commander in-chief of armed forces comes out to condemn the killings of both in IDP and Biafarns celebrating Trump’s inauguration? The answer remains capital NO! What does that show? He is thirsty of innocent blood for his survival now he is in critical condition to end his last breath.

Currently Buhari is using Nigerian military to unseat Gambia president Yarya Jammeh for his seat-tight syndrome while he Buhari has not cautioned himself for his reckless killing of unarm innocent citizens. A man who gum-folds his eyes and is removing another person’s speck is a hypocrisy of the highest order. Yarya Jammeh's refuseal to concede defeat is equivalent to Buhari that came to power through the back door; he openly threatened his opponents during presidential campaign “instead of him Buhari not to emerge as president, baboons and monkeys would rather soak in blood than to let go”.

Today, he is now indirectly the Military Head of State in guise of democracy ordering killings of his opponents using unprofessional solders to carry all attacks to collapse Nigeria nascent democracy. It is high time Biafrans serving as Zoo soldiers  be advised to resign to distinguish them further completely from Nigeria Boko Haram Arm Forces

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