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Many killed; scores arrested as Biafrans were rallying in solidarity with Trump's Presidency
As historic and educational standard the security operatives like the Police, Navy, Army, DSS, irrespective of divisions, ranks or status; its primary objective is to protect and ensure the safety of its citizenry and protect the territorial boundaries of the land and sea areas that make up the landmark of a country or Nation. This assertion is entirely different in the contraption created by the British; so to say the reverse seems to be the case in an evil contraption where lives are been jeopardized and trampled upon by the security operatives who are supposed to defend her citizenry.

The Nigerian Dictator In-Charge Muhammadu Buhari; the blood sucking demon in Aso Rock has once again in collaboration with the governor of River State Nyesom Wike on the 20th of January 2017 murdered and massacred  the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who were on a peaceful rally in solidarity with Donald J Trump the 45th President of United States of America as well celebrating the era of a new Democracy in the world.

The Nigerian Military finds pleasure in slaughtering innocent citizens of Biafra, with or without any provocations once they converged at any area with the name Biafra; the senseless killings is still on-going in Biafra day in and day out, since after the war that Biafrans were killed in their large numbers between 1967-1970; more than 3.5 million lives was recorded on the Biafran side.

Biafrans loving and cherish good things that uphold the sanity of human lives stormed the solidarity rally in their thousands; before one could say Jack Robinson thousands of them were left injured and more than 20 lives was lost; the armies shot live bullets on us in a sporadic way and manner, tear gas were raining on the air, many were stabbed, battened, molested and arrested; and our only crime was to celebrate the victory of Donald J Trump.

Despite the report of Amnesty international on the killings of Biafrans; to carry out forensic investigation on the killings; it was thrown in the bin; rather more Biafrans have been killed by the security operatives and denied their inalienable right to self determination under the UN charter for indigenous people.

The world should take note of the inhuman treatment meted on Biafrans after sending letter of permission to the Rivers' State Police Command for the rally and as well asking them to ensure the rally was conducted properly. Rather snippers were engaged by the Nigerian government. DSS and the Military were sent to kill us while the Anti Trump group protesting against Donald Trump were free protesting and burning the American, Russia, Israel and Biafra flags, nothing was done to them but the security operatives killed Biafrans who where on the 'Right' side exercising their inalienable right but were sent to their early grave. We demand justice.

We are calling on the world and the new elected President to hear our plea and end this unholy marriage concocted by the British.


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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