By Ifeanyi Chijioke & Chima Onyekachi
January 31, 2017

Uwazurike and Al-Mustapha; former Chief Security Officer to late dictator - Gen. Sani Abacha; working together for a better Nigeria
The former Imo State governor is not a strange name in politics and one cannot rightly say he doesn’t know his personality. Before you forget; MASSOB is a freedom fighting movement established by Uwazurike, this was what he claimed even when their activities negates such claim. As a freedom fighting movement; the first thing to avoid are politics and politicians in the parent country or amalgamated country as the case is for Biafra. For Uwazurike to order MASSOB to vote for Ohakim after pocketing Five Million Naira and one Hilux car is nothing short of MASSOB as a business venture or political movement used in deceiving the people of Biafra.

The financial award and the car award were done in the build up to Ohakims’s second tenure bid that he failed. Ohakim had stormed Freedom House in Okwe in his campaign train to see MASSOB - the so-called freedom fighters to vote for him in the then coming election. One would wonder what concerns freedom fighters with election, but that is what one gets when Lebeanya Ralph Uwazurike is fighting for Biafra. Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka did well to accuse Ohakim of beating a Reverend Father which threw Uwazurike’s efforts in jeopardy. While he was fighting to elect Ohakim, Mbaka was fighting to pull him down with propaganda of beating a priest.

Raph Uwazurike openly campaigning for Ohakim

The front used in convincing MASSOB was that once they vote in a governor; the governor will help them restore Biafra. That was how Ohakim gave him Five Million Niara and a Government Hilux car for official use. So indeed, this IFEAJUNA of our time was using our people to enrich himself, he absconded without giving them a dime. Oh dear me!

The source who exclusively narrated how the deal was sealed to Biafra Reporters stated; We were not given the information earlier that Ohakim will come and see MASSOB to vote for him; the whole deal was going on between Uwazurike, Ohakim and some other principal officers, some of us they felt will oppose the idea were not told. As at that time; MASSOB had begun having cartels, some want to get close to Uwazurike to enable them have some money because they have started seeing everything as business. While some of us are determined to correct Uwazurike and make him understand we are leaving the real deal.

Ohakim was called to come to Freedom House in Okwe-our headquarter; Uwazurike called all the regional coordinators and told everybody to come with their subordinates. We were not told what was happening and when we told him that we don’t have logistics, he ordered everybody to just hire a bus and come that the bus drivers will be paid in Okwe. We all arranged and filled the buses and headed to Okwe; we came to Okwe and there were up to 400 buses and in front of Freedom House were canopies everywhere. We all came down and waited to know why Uwazurike called us, to our greatest surprise, it was Ohakim's campaign.

We all kept quiet because we are waiting for what will come out of the visit; Uwazurike convinced us that we have to vote Ohakim and that he would help us to restore Biafra once he is in power. He advised we should work hard to ensure that we put someone in power that the person will help us to get what we were looking for. Then Ohakim also addressed us that he was one of us and the need for him to be voted in; after all that, Ohakim gave Uwazurike Five Million Naira before us and one black hilux, official government plate number. We celebrated Ohakim and appreciated him with hope that Uwazurike would share the money but he took all the money alone.

The buses we came with were not paid for and neither were we given any money, we stayed there with empty stomach and that day Uwazurike was cursed by many MASSOBians. We suffered and some had problem with their drivers while some paid with the little money they had. It was hell to me and I regretted ever going to that event, we went home and things began to change, I personally began to think because I don’t know what I was doing again. Biafra is in me and all I wanted was Biafra but when I saw myself coming to campaign to vote a Nigerian governor, I had self-pity.

Prior to this development, Uwazurike printed a circular and urged everyone to go and get a voters’ card, when you get your voters card, you will be given Five Hundred Naira. Many of us went to Rojenny to get their own but then I refused, me and my boys refused because getting voters card was being part of Nigeria. I was already forming a faction; we needed to go our way because what we were seeing was very different from what we thought we were to see. Nobody knew that the reason Uwazurike ordered everybody to get registered and have a voters card was because of Ohakim and MASSOB was turning into a political movement. I met my director and told him that we cannot be part of the voters’ card but he tried to convince me. Once Uwazurike took the money and the car given to us; he went his way with his right hand men and that was the end. That money and car caused a lot of problems in MASSOB; our eyes opened but some people refused to see. Those people are the ones that have gained one position or another; they possibly had a share of the money while those that did not have a share started fighting him.

In keeping with the promise to unravel everything; stay with Biafra Reporters for more reports. Absorb the shock or discomfort this report, past and subsequent one shall cause you.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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