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December 30, 2016 ■ Twitter: @Biafrapost

Moses Agbo: Kidnapped by Buhari's DSS
Moses Agbo is a dedicated Biafran journalist who works under Family writers; another group of Biafran journalists; he has often participated in Nnamdi Kanu’s Court case update due to he resides in Abuja, the very capital of Nigeria. Biafran journalists have shown a rare courage in the discharge of their duties notwithstanding the murderous approach of Nigerian security forces and Moses Agbo is one.

Journalists are often regarded as neutral or rather a set of people that should be allowed to exist without violence against them. Attack on Journalists is attack against freedom of speech and when such scenario is seen, it shows a State has completely failed. The administration of Muhammed Buhari had vowed that the freedom of the press shall be respected but as a dictator, certain things are hard to observe.

Moses Agbo was kidnapped and possibly executed on 25th of December when he paid a solidarity visit to Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra at Kuje Prison. For those living in Abuja; visiting their leader is almost a culture as they largely promised to spend their Christmas with him. Whether he was kidnapped after his visit or en-route remains unclear as the DSS has concealed his arrest.

A previous report had it that Muhammadu Buhari ordered clamp down on Biafran journalists; this was further convinced when a Biafran journalist, Ejike Ofoegbu was kidnapped and tortured in the high Court presided over by Justice Binta Nyako. The Indigenous People of Biafra raised alarm over the clampdown of journalists which Justice Binta Nyako refused to hear or call the Nigerian security forces to order. While the DSS has not refuted or announced the arrest of Moses Agbo; fear is festering that he has been extra-judicially executed.

As at the time of making this report; the parent- widow of the journalist could not be reached for comments while IPOB coordinator of Abuja only confirmed the disappearance of Moses Agbo. Biafran journalists are coming under coordinated attacks as many have complained of strange calls and track down. Chima Onyekachi of Biafra Reporters was kidnapped earlier this year but escaped from his captors.
It is very clear that the frustration of Nigerian State has reached a point of kidnapping journalists who but simply share their opinion. The move against Biafran journalists complements the genocide going in Biafra land.

This genocide started with secret arrest and execution of Biafrans to public execution of peaceful and lawful protesters and now innocent journalists. The more humanity keep quiet is the more it festers; this Muhammadu Buhari’s crime against humanity must be condemned by all and sundry with action.

Biafra Reporters condemn in strong term the kidnap and possible execution of Moses Agbo and we call for a hash tag to be raised for the activist. The Nigerian Murderous security agents should release him dead or alive that we may mourn or celebrate the freedom of our innocent activist. It is time for the world to wake up; while arrest and execution will only make Biafra restoration stronger, we urge for action to protect humanity in this part of the world.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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