IPOB; Ichi, Anambra - Biafra Land

By Ifeanyi Chijioke & Chima Onyekachi
Both write for TBP ■ @Biafrapost ▪ 22/12/16

Last week IPOB Ichi zone in Anambra State were inaugurated by the State executive in what appeared like a grand party or ceremony. The Zone which has labored since last year to get inaugurated lived their dream last week in grand style with dozens of new members welcomed into the family meeting.

IPOB had come under immense attack from the Federal Government of Nigeria which followed a military campaign and incessant arrest with nothing spared. In a bit to cast fear upon the people of Biafra and deter their resolve towards the agitation for the restoration of a sovereign State of Biafra, the Government sustained the illegal approach. The inauguration of IPOB Ichi zone is coming at a time the Government of Buhari thought its campaign to suppress Biafra had come to fruition but this has proven otherwise.

The Inauguration of IPOB Ichi zone demonstrated the resoluteness of the people of Biafra; there seems to be a rare courage among the people of Biafra as the quest has turned into an ideology. Inaugurations are taking place on daily basis in all over Biafra land; a move that signifies that Nigeria has not seen what will come upon her if the State continued to suppress Biafra instead of conduct referendum which is lawfully acceptable.

To some in Ichi; the inauguration was the happiest thing that has ever happened to them; they smiled and instilled a sense of responsibility in everyone, motivating each other that it is time to fight to finish. They were so fond of the responsibilities that lie ahead as this has given them the opportunity to fight passionately for their nation.

This however passes a message that the people of Biafra are resolute and ready to go; the more the Government fight IPOB is the stronger the people grow. The more the military campaign is sustained; the stronger the battle to restore Biafra becomes. IPOB Ichi has promised to make a difference after their inauguration; this means more stronger and dedicated families are coming up every day.

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